Ex-nurse sent nudes to teen, tried to arrange sex via Insta | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

A former aged care worker, who sent vile videos to a young teen and told her how to get from the city to his country Queensland town without her parents finding out, can be named.

Disturbing details about the way former aged care worker and nurse Kenneth Bruce Prigg, 48, groomed the girl via Instagram were revealed in Rockhampton District Court which heard the pair began chatting via Instagram where the 13-year-old told him she was 15.

The exchanges took place during a six-day period in August, 2022.

Crown prosecutor Ken Spinaze told the court Prigg, from Biloela, sent photos of his genitalia, video which sometimes showed him masturbating and engaged in sexualised conversations, including talking about the pair having sex, how she would travel from the city to Biloela by bus and what to tell her parents.

Judge Jeff Clarke said the evidence before the court showed Prigg repeatedly asked the child for nude selfies, called her “sexy” and asked if she was a virgin.

Mr Spinaze said the teen became concerned and reported this to police.

Judge Clarke said the impact of Prigg’s offending had left the child victim feeling anxious, disgusted in herself and unable to trust adults.

Police raided his housing commission residence in September, seized his phone, charged him and he was released on bail.

Defence barrister Julie Marsden said Prigg, who had never married and did not have children, was raised by his army dad and stepmother.

She said her client, who started using marijuana when he was 17 and methamphetamines at 19 and was a long-time drug user, had nine siblings and moved around a lot while growing up.

She also said Prigg previously worked in aged care and nursing but had been on unemployment benefits for the past 10 years due to issues with his vision and other injuries.

“He has no memory of that month (when the online chats occurred) as he was in a bad mental state, barely functioning,” Ms Marsden said, adding her client’s housemate had died and his mother was unwell.

Prigg pleaded guilty to 10 counts of indecent treatment of a child and one of using electronic communication to procure a child.

He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, suspended after he serves six months with an operational period of four years.

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