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With millions of Britons expected to be heading away on their summer holidays over the coming months, you’d be right to assume that your local airport will be a bit busier than usual. After all, prime holiday season is finally among us, and many travellers will be hoping to make up for lost time through the Covid-19 pandemic.

But as we all know, the airport itself can be an incredibly stressful place to navigate – with seemingly endless lines at the check-in desk, chock a block with likeminded holiday-goers eager of making their flights in good time.

And while it may seem that you’re more likely to win the jackpot on the EuroMillions than avoid queueing at the airport any time soon, one travel expert from Moving to Spain has shared five simple tips which can have you flying through the gates and to foreign soils quicker than ever – as reported by The Express.

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Check-in online

The expert advises that one of the biggest and most delay-causing issues is the check in desk at the airport – especially during the summer months where staff have hundreds of people to check in quickly in succession. The travel guru recommends always checking in online before you arrive at the airport.

Should you still need to drop off luggage, you’ll obviously have to queue for that, but you’ll still be ‘reducing the time you’re waiting at the check-in desk’.

Pay for a fast-track pass

Some people may not be aware of this, but some flight providers offer fast-track passes. These allow you to skip the queues of holiday makers who are ‘trying to get through to the next stage of their journey’. The experts explained: “Making your way through security can be a long process and with security staff at Heathrow staging various strikes, it’s important to plan ahead for these busy periods.”

A fast-track pass at Gatwick for example costs just £5 per person, and allows passengers access to a dedicated premium security lane. The airport explain: “Whether you’re travelling as a group, with children, or alone, Premium Security provides a stress-free start to your trip.”

Get your documents in order

While many airlines send passengers tickets on a digital platform, travel experts recommend that you never leave the house without ‘paper copies as well’. They urged: “Whether you’re at the check-in desk or waiting to board your flight, you may struggle to use your phone due to signal or Wi-Fi issues which is only going to delay you and other passengers.

“Which is why it’s worthwhile having printed copies of all of your documents as well just to be on the safe side.”

Allow plenty of time

The travel touts here explained: “It really is important to allow yourself plenty of time to travel to the airport and then make your way through the airport once you arrive.”

Most airline check-in desks open up three hours before departure, so you should: “Aim to arrive at the airport for that time and then you should travel through check-in and security quickly and still have time to browse the shops and relax before your flight.”

Invest in travel insurance

On a final note, purchasing travel insurance is ‘essential before you go on your holiday’ – and while many assume that it’s for health reasons, ‘some insurance policies can cover you for travel disruption’. The experts said: “When choosing your policy, read through everything it covers as you may be able to claim compensation if you experience delays or your holiday is impacted by strikes.”

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