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Often referred to as the “currency of the internet”, Bitcoin has been leading the crypto market for nearly a decade. 

Not only has it been a trendsetter over these past years, but it has also raised the standards for altcoins and what they can achieve. 

However, as strong as BTC is, it’s not really the best option for huge gains since its recovery will most likely take some time. 

That’s why you should consider investing in Bitcoin alternatives that could explode by the end of 2023. Some of the most notable examples are FGHT, CCHG, D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA. 

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6 Best Bitcoin Alternatives in 2022 – Quick List 

Although owning Bitcoin is a smart move, you’ll have a much bigger chance of making a profit if you diversify your crypto portfolio and invest in several altcoins as well. 

Of course, finding the next big thing is never easy, which is why we did the research for you and came up with the following list of the 6 best Bitcoin alternatives in 2022. 

  1. FightOut – A New Move-to-Earn Crypto for Health & Fitness 

  2. Dash 2 Trade – The Most Advanced Crypto Trading Platform in the Industry 

  3. C+ Charge – A Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Crypto for the EV Industry 

  4. RobotEra – P2E Combination of Minecraft and the Sandbox  

  1. Calvaria – Card-based P2E Crypto Game Set for Mass Adoption 

  2. IMPT – Green Cryptocurrency that Partnered with Influential Brands 

  3. Ripple – The Best Altcoin for Speculative Trading 

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7 Best Bitcoin Alternatives in 2022 – Detailed Look 

FightOut (FGHT) 


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For the first time in crypto history, a team of capable blockchain experts have launched a Move-to-Earn project that aims to keep users fit and healthy. FightOut is a dream project for investment if you wish to partake in the future of the fitness and gym industry. 

Over the course of a few months, FightOut which is in presale phase, will expand further in the metaverse. 

It will be available as a high-end fitness training app that tracks more than just your movement but also gives you an NFT avatar to check your progress in real-time. 

Users of FightOut can enjoy having a personalized fitness goal, a digital avatar, and FGHT as rewards. FGHT is the native crypto available for users of the FightOut platform.  

So far, FightOut has made millions through the first stage of public presale. Buy FGHT now to gain an upper hand in the market. 

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is an analytics-powered crypto intelligence platform that has some of the most advanced features in the market. 

This platform helps users spot safer and more lucrative investment opportunities by introducing social indicators that are based on real-time data. They provide a granular insight into the current market occurrences. 

This is only one of the project’s advanced features, others include strategy builder, on-chain analysis, strategy testing, social sentiment scores, and much more. 

Beginners can also take advantage of the platform since it allows them to devise and test out strategies without putting any real money on the line. This means investing in D2T will be profitable. 

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C+ Charge (CCHG) 

C+ Charge
C+ Charge

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In light of increasing dangers of climate change, a lot of individuals have shifted to electric vehicles (EV) causing a boom in the EV industry. But EV users are not rewarded for making a difficult choice. 

C+ Charge, a sensational green crypto intends to change the situation with its P2P payment system.  

Unlike Bitcoin, which has been deemed too unstable and expensive to trade with, CCHG, the native crypto of C+ Charge turns out to be a better alternative. 

C+ Charge will allocate individuals with a particular electronic wallet using which they can pay for EV charging with CCHG. The presale of C+ Charge is underway, making it a quickly growing opportunity that you should not miss. 

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RobotEra (TARO) 


RobotEra is a new P2E crypto game that incorporates a shared multiverse in which there will be several attractions available to players. 

Fans are calling it a combination of Minecraft and The Sandbox because of the block-building concept, but it offers a lot more.  

One of the main selling points is that players will be able to monetize their unique creations and sell them for a profit on secondary marketplaces.  

The presale for TARO tokens has been underway, which means that the price will probably never be this low again. Therefore experts predict the project will blow up in 2023.  

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IMPT is an eco-friendly crypto asset that helps traders make a difference in the world through carbon footprint reduction. 

Once users retire their carbon credits, they receive NFTs that they can remove from circulation, thereby having at least a small role in minimizing global warming, pollution, climate change, etc. 

IMPT already has 25,000 partners interested in the project, while some of the most famous ones include Adidas, GameStop, Apple, Levi’s, Microsoft, and more. 

With over $20.5 million raised, IMPT is on fire and it will only go up in value after listing. 

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Calvaria (RIA) 


Calvaria is a new P2E crypto game that aims to bring those who have zero knowledge of crypto closer to the universe. 

The game revolves around NFT card battles, with each card representing a unique underworld character that comes with distinct magic abilities. It’s based on the Polygon blockchain. 

Unlike other crypto card games, Calvaria doesn’t require users to purchase the most expensive NFT cards to win. Anyone that has a solid strategy can be victorious. 

What’s more, users don’t have to buy any cards or even have a crypto wallet for that matter. It’s truly accessible and free for everyone who downloads it. 

The native governance token is RIA and experts are predicting that it will explode once the game goes viral. Buying RIA tokens gives you full ownership and voting power in the DAO. 

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Ripple (XRP) 


Compared to Bitcoin, Ripple is a completely different type of cryptocurrency. To be precise, it’s more of a payment system. 

XRP is Ripple’s native token and people can use it to make cross-border transactions quicker and easier than going through a centralized third party. 

Furthermore, XRP charges a very small commission for these transactions, even compared to BTC and ETH. 

Currently, the momentum is on Ripple’s side, which makes it an investment-worthy alternative to Bitcoin. 

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Wrapping Up 

Bitcoin is one of the most common investments that traders make nowadays, and for good reasons. However, BTC is more of a long-term investment and it’s not projected to “explode” anytime soon. 

This is why a lot of experts suggest that we should diversify our portfolios and invest in BTC alternatives as well. 

But as you know, finding suitable and profitable alternatives isn’t easy in a volatile market such as crypto.  

You have to take several factors into consideration, including the team behind the project, media hype, online presence, features, innovations, roadmap, and more.  

During our research, the only tokens that passed with flying colors are FGHT, CCHG, D2T, IMPT, RIA, and TARO.  

So, if you want to see huge gains faster and make money before Bitcoin rises again, these are the tokens you should be looking at. 


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