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Following the rise in cyberattacks and the negative effects on economy, experts have been deliberating on the deployment of Artificial intelligence in combating the menace. It has been said that the rate of cyberattack would be higher and more brutal than the kidnapping and Bako Haram issue in 2024, a business organisations are warned to be more proactive. As part of effort towards combating the menace, Cytek Security, the sister company of Tek Experts, a leading provider of tech talent solutions, recently hosted its inaugural c-suite roundtable, bringing together industry leaders across Financial Services, Tech, and Consulting sectors to explore the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and the critical role of artificial intelligence (AI) in bolstering defences. Themed “Beyond Automation – Unleashing the Strategic Power of AI for Cybersecurity”, renowned industry experts presented insights and case studies, highlighting the potentials of AI to go beyond automation and act as a strategic partner in safeguarding critical infrastructure.

The event also gave access to the participants to tour and explore the company’s recently unveiled Security Operations Center, witnessing the integration of AI technologies in real-time threat detection and response. According to the firm, the Security Operations Centre provides around-the-clock protection services, utilising advanced analytics for ongoing real-time monitoring to identify anomalies and potential threats. “This allows for the prompt detection of suspicious activities, enabling quick intervention to prevent cyberattacks. To enhance proactive containment, the responsive ondemand team collaborates with business stakeholders to implement a coordinated response plan. “We are delighted to host the inaugural Tek Experts C-Suite Forum,” said Olugbolahan Olusanya, Country Manager at Tek Experts. He added: “The C-Suite Forum is a new series we’ve kicked off to create a valuable platform for industry leaders to engage in dialogue around the impact of technology on business, the workforce and the economy and how to stay ahead in the digital age. We chose AI in cybersecurity as our first topic in this series because we believe that AI is not just about automation, but about empowering security professionals to make informed decisions and achieve superior results.”

Speaking on the evolving cybersecurity landscape, Executive Vice President Cyber Solutions and Strategy, YNV Group, Michael Arov, said: “The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with new threats emerging at an alarming rate. “As we navigate this everchanging landscape, it becomes imperative for organizations to harness the power of AI. Our commitment at Cytek Security is to lead the charge in deploying innovative solutions that ensures best cybersecurity practices for organisations including talent retention and training.” The Senior Territory Channel Manager, Microsoft Nigeria, Tosin Okubanjo, shared insights on how Microsoft Sentinel is providing support in ensuring round the clock support for the recently launched Security Operations Centre.


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