Exploitable Since 2002: New Nessus 5 Filters

With Nessus 5, the results from a single vulnerability scan can be filtered to show which hosts have ancient vulnerabilities, which hosts aren’t being managed, and also which hosts have been exploitable for long periods of time. This blog entry discusses the new Nessus 5 filters, how they can be used to track high-risk vulnerabilities, and how enterprise users of Tenable SecurityCenter can leverage these filters for dashboards and asset-based reporting.

New Nessus 5 Filters
The following two new Nessus 5 filters are available:

Exploit Frameworks – Users can filter reports for vulnerabilities that can be exploited with exploit frameworks from Core, Exploit Hub, Immunity, and many others.
Vulnerability Publish Date – The date a vulnerability was published to the public.

Nessus 5 can also take advantage of dozens of other new filters. In addition, Tenable’s Research team can push new “tags” into the plugins, and Nessus 5 can automatically learn about and use these to filter reports and vulnerability results. These tags will allow Nessus users to “go deeper” and provide more specific filters. Here is an example listing of filters from a recent scan of my test lab:

Tracking Exploitable Vulnerabilities
There are many ways to filter results from vulnerability scans and patch audits to identify exploitable issues. In the screen shot below, I’ve selected a filter to match any (continue reading…)

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