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In a shocking turn of events, a 20-year-old individual named Benjamin Owen Rollo has been apprehended for his heinous crimes against young girls in the Carmel and Westfield areas. Utilizing the anonymity of a Snapchat account under the username “johnny.backer,” Rollo meticulously manipulated numerous victims, coercing them into non-consensual sexual encounters and the exchange of explicit images. This grave situation first came to light after the mother of a 12-year-old victim bravely stepped forward to report the rape that her daughter had endured at the hands of this online predator.

Unbeknownst to the victim’s mother, her daughter’s cell phone held a disturbing record of conversations between her daughter and friends, chronicling the horrifying incident. The victim shared details of her clandestine rendezvous with Rollo, where he picked her up and took her to Grand Park, without disclosing their destination. Consumed fear and confusion, the young girl initially failed to recognize the gravity of the situation. It was only through the encouragement of a concerned friend that she found the courage to contact law enforcement.

Police investigations subsequently exposed a web of exploitation cast Rollo through his “johnny.backer” account. Shockingly, there have been numerous victims identified throughout the region, their lives forever scarred their encounters with this manipulative predator. Officers executed a search warrant at Rollo’s residence in West Lafayette, where they uncovered an extensive collection of explicit images involving young girls. It became apparent that Rollo had been leveraging his Snapchat account to target vulnerable victims, ensuring their silence through threats and manipulation.

As this disturbing case unfolds, it serves as a grim reminder of the dangers lurking within the vast realm of social media. Predators like Rollo are adept at exploiting the vulnerabilities of young individuals, capitalizing on their naivety and desire for acceptance. It is crucial for parents, communities, and platforms to work together to safeguard the innocence and well-being of young people as they navigate these digital spaces.


Q: What charges does Benjamin Owen Rollo face?
A: Rollo faces charges of child exploitation, possession of pornography, child molestation, child solicitation, and dissemination of matter harmful to a minor.

Q: How did the victim’s mother discover the rape?
A: The victim’s mother discovered the rape after confiscating her daughter’s cell phone and finding incriminating messages between her daughter and friends.

Q: How did Rollo coerce his victims?
A: Rollo used his Snapchat account, “johnny.backer,” to pressure young girls into meeting up with him or sending explicit photos, exploiting their vulnerabilities and manipulating them for his own gratification.

Q: What steps can be taken to prevent such incidents in the future?
A: It is crucial to educate young individuals about online safety, encouraging open communication with their parents or guardians. Additionally, platforms must enforce stringent safety measures and collaborate with authorities to identify and apprehend potential predators.

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