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Boston, MA, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Online dating has long been about swiping through a stack of pictures and static descriptions in order to find someone you’re interested in. That predictability is one reason many people find the whole experience less exciting than they would like it to be. ExtentWorld, a social media site, has solved this problem and others and has emerged as the preferred site of singles who are looking to find someone to be in a relationship with.

“Our dating service is completely different from other dating apps and sites,” ExtentWorld co-founder Hang Dinh says. “The platform is more like a social network than a stack of profiles without contrast. With this approach, we’re already making the search for love a more dynamic experience, and it is definitely more exciting. You can learn a lot about a prospective partner because of the features we’ve implemented.”

Users will still post their photos and static content about themselves, but they can highlight what makes them unique by posting and updating the content on their doors. “You can talk about anything here anytime you want,” Hang says. “Your hopes, your dreams, your ideas – anything that you feel best represents you to other ExtentWorld users. You definitely give a more authentic impression of who you are.”

ExtentWorld also takes steps to make it easier for professional and academic singles to find each other. “You’ll see a blue checkmark on the person’s profile, which means that this user has been verified with a work or school email,” Hang explains.

The creators of ExtentWorld’s dating platform prioritized safety and privacy. A user’s dating profile is protected from being seen by coworkers, friends, or family. A user can also make end-to-end encrypted video calls for free. “I have not heard of any other dating app or site that allows you to do that,” Hang says. “And the best part is that our dating service is free. That’s a lot of bells and whistles that you get without having to pay a cent.”

Hang co-founded ExtentWorld with three other computer software engineers, including her brother. ““My brother is the one who thought of it,” she says. “He got tired of seeing ads on his Facebook feed for products he had looked at on other sites. He didn’t like feeling spied upon, so he quit social media and sat down to design a better alternative. He eventually decided to include a dating platform that would allow users to express themselves more authentically. I loved his ideas and came on board to help him.”

Hang and her brother eventually collaborated with two other engineers to design ExtentWorld and bring it online. “We all have PhDs in computer science and engineering,” she says, “so we used our collective knowledge to bring my brother’s vision to life.”

To help her brother’s product realize its full potential, she formed ExtentWorld LLC. “That was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone,” Hang remembers. “I read up on forming and running businesses so that I could step in and run the company while my brother focused on programming and coding.”

In addition to the dating platform, ExtentWorld differentiates itself from other social media sites in that a user has one account with up to eight different profiles: public, private, work, academic, dating, merchant, anonymous, and secret. That simplicity and flexibility has resulted in high user satisfaction, as evidenced by a growing list of users in 25 countries.

ExtentWorld’s success has led to more investors, who may purchase eShare, which is a pre-IPO ExtentWorld common share. ExtentWorld uses eCoin for all transactions within ExtentWorld; eCoin is virtual currency but not cryptocurrency.

Hang sees a big future for ExtentWorld, especially its dating service. “Imagination is the key to success, I think, and we’ve got it,” she says. “We’ve addressed many of the complaints people have about online dating sites, and we offer an innovative approach to finding a partner. We’ve also made the whole experience a lot more fun. And when people have fun, they relax and enjoy themselves, which makes dating more successful.”

Hang Dinh


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