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Social media platforms are well known for harboring hackers who have ill will towards those they can target easily, or at least they can target easily. The problem is that if you sometimes live in a social media space, you are at risk. An event organizer in Oklahoma City, Erica Parker, the owner and operator of Vitage Market Days, had her Facebook account hacked. 

The hackers ran up a tab to the tune of $14,000 in Facebook advertisements that Erica’s Vintage Market Days is now on the hook for. Parker suspects the hackers used her bank account to run Facebook ads. The timing of this fraud against her is bad since she has an event coming up on April 5th, only a few weeks away. 

Parker uses her Facebook account to promote Vintage Market Days, and because of the hack, she has now had to shut down her Facebook account, severely limiting her reach as a business. She went from 33,00 followers to 2000, and that’s bad news when trying to reach people. Most ticket sales for the event happen through Facebook ads. 

Erica has reached out to Facebook to try and get some kind of solution to the problem, but all she gets is a bot response, “We need to investigate further.” There is no phone number for her to call. 

Parker says that there are usually about 100 small business owners that count on Vintage Market Days to be able to bring people in who then shop for their goods. Parker has set up a new Facebook page and is encouraging people to follow it. 

While hacking is unfortunately common on these social platforms, it is the primary source of marketing and promotion for millions of businesses. Just like any digital space that is occupied by the public, there will always be those whose only purpose is to victimize honest people and businesses that depend on them. 

It is a good idea for everyone to have a backup plan in mind to put into action when things like this happen. It is the nature of the beast, so to speak, that any public or digital space is not completely safe. The catch-22 is something that in today’s world, we cannot do without it. 

According to data from 2023 25% of Facebook accounts were hacked last year, and about 68,000 accounts are compromised every month in the United States. 

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