Facebook Inc Hires Yahoo! Alex Stamos As Chief Security Officer

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has hired Alex Stamos as its new chief security officer, according to a Facebook post from Wednesday. Since last year, Mr. Stamos has served as chief information security officer at Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO). The need to fill the vacancy for security personnel at Facebook arose after ride-sharing startup Uber poached its security executive, Joe Sullivan, in April.

In the Facebook post, Mr. Stamos explained the reason for joining the social media titan. He wants to focus on building secure products to help provide opportunities for educational, economical, and personal purposes, to underprivileged people around the world; especially those in developing countries.
He wrote: “There is no company in the world that is better positioned to tackle the challenges faced not only by today’s Internet users but for the remaining [two-thirds] of humanity we have yet to connect.” It is somewhat clear that his decision to switch employers was neither due to being mistreated at Yahoo nor because his previous employer went against his actions related to cyber security.

The new chief security executive does not only wish to tighten up privacy and security measures, but also wants to work toward providing opportunities to the under-served areas of the world, and expand connectivity across the globe. Meeanwhile, Facebook’s and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s goals and aims are parallel to what Mr. Stamos wants to accomplish.

For instance, Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife recently donated $5 million to TheDream.US, to offer support for its scholarship programs. TheDream.US helps immigrant, undocumented students in the US be eligible for university grants and funds so they can avail the same education opportunities as American citizens. This is just one example of the efforts Mr. Zuckerberg has made to contribute to the progress of education.

He has taken numerous initiatives to enhance web connectivity across the world as well, one of which is Internet.org. The project was initiated to provide free Internet access to underprivileged people around the world, especially from developing regions.

Mr. Stamos is more than aware of Mr. Zuckerberg’s and Facebook’s efforts, as he said: “The Facebook security team has demonstrated a history of innovation as well as a unique willingness to share those innovations with the world, and we will build upon that history in the years to come.” Aside from his goal to work toward the progress of mankind, his work unquestionably speaks for itself.

He has been a renowned figure at congressional hearings and security conferences, and was the key player behind pushing Yahoo to enhance and expand its privacy measures to offer users better protection. This was shortly after the National Security Agency’s former contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked crucial information about how technology companies and government agencies keep track of user data.
During his time at Yahoo, the company decided to start offering fully encrypted services for its email users and added further encryption to its websites. Mr. Stamos is not only a cyber security specialist and privacy advocate, but is also known to bring cheerfulness and induce comforting vibes in the line of computer security, as some call it dull.

Although only more than a year long, his stay at Yahoo was beneficial for the company. So, it is still unclear how his departure would affect it. For now, Yahoo security executive Ramses Martinez has replaced Mr. Stamos as chief information security officer at the company.


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