Facebook Launches A Physical Security Key For Safer Logins

Are you worried that someone is trying to access your Facebook account without your authorization? With the launch of a physical security key, you do not have to worry about it as you can lock your account with a key.
Facebook announced on Thursday that it would allow users to link a token to their accounts. With it, you can log in from a new browser or geographic region. Then, plug the hardware into your computer and give it a tap. Doing so will convince the social media giant that you are the real owner of the account.
It is one of the forms of a two-factor authentication system, which is a security method that adds another layer of protection to your logins, instead of just relying on your password.
This technology is the same one being used to protect the internal assets of the company. For them, it is highly secure and very convenient. With this update, Facebook is one of the first social media companies that give users the option to use a physical key to lock their accounts. It is also the right time to explore other options to keep hackers from accessing your accounts.

The use of a password alone to secure your accounts is not sufficient anymore. One of the reasons is that most of us are terrible at finding the most secure password. As a result, we employ the same passwords that are easy-to-guess to multiple accounts. Unfortunately, even if you are using complex passwords for every account, hackers can still steal them.
The company will analyze your location and other signs before it will accept your password. Thus, this form of two-factor authentication is a positive way to secure your own account.
Hardware token may not be the best option you can think of now because it is very inconvenient for you to carry it around. But it is more secure.
You could still fall prey to a phishing attack using a two-factor authentication that relies on a one-time code.
In July 2016, the National Institute of Standards and Technologies announced that the SMS with a one-time code no longer meets the required standard.
You can use any hardware token that is marketed commercially. It is a tiny gadget with cryptographic power. To connect it, you have to go through the complex process to link it to each of your accounts. Afterward, the device will send your credentials to a legitimate account.
However, it is important to remember that this physical security key will not protect you from Facebook selling your information to advertisers. If you do not want the company to use your information and trade it to advertisers, you must not provide your personal and financial details to Facebook. Then again, the said security key is a useful extra layer of defense against any person who wishes to hijack your account.
To help you get started, you will need a security key. One of the brands you can use is YubiKey. When you have it, enable it using the Facebook Security Settings page. If you need help in setting up, the company has instructions on how to do it correctly.


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