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Two days after the Facebook outage, people are still having issues logging into their accounts, with many receiving SMS codes that don’t work on the Meta-owned site.

The Facebook log in issue is confirmed on Down Detector with the site showing numerous issues reported by users.

It follows a Facebook and Instagram outage that started on March 5, which saw hundreds of thousands of users unable to access their accounts. Many people thought their Facebook and Instagram had been hacked, but Facebook owner Meta says this is not the case. By March 6, Meta said the issue was resolved.

However, many users are still complaining they can’t log into their Facebook accounts, this time because of a different issue. In most cases, people were trying to get back into their accounts after being logged out during the outage via two-factor authentication (2FA) using an SMS code.

Some Facebook users reported they hadn’t been sent a code at all, while others said they were repeatedly sent the same code, which didn’t work when they tried to log in.

When people have contacted Facebook owner Meta, they were asked to provide ID to recover their accounts. But several users told me they were refused access, despite presenting government ID or a driver’s license.

This suggests an issue with Facebook’s authentication system, which makes sense because according to researchers at Cisco’s ThousandEyes, this was the reason for the outage on March 5.

“ThousandEyes confirms that Meta’s web servers remained reachable, with network paths clear and web servers responding to users,” the researchers wrote in a blog. However, users attempting to login received error messages, “suggesting a backend service, such as authentication, as the cause of the issue,” the researchers said.

I have contacted Facebook owner Meta for a comment and will update this article if the firm responds.

What To Do

It might just be a residual issue, or it could be worth clearing your cache. In some cases, simply waiting to try and log into Facebook might work. If you requested a 2FA code too many times, waiting 24 hours could resolve the problem.

The first thing to do if you still can’t log in to Facebook, is to contact the company. However, I understand in some cases, this hasn’t resulted in gaining access to accounts. If you can take a break from Facebook and don’t need it for work or business, I suggest giving the site a rest.

Otherwise, users on Down Detector and Twitter are suggesting workarounds, but I can’t vouch for how effective they are. Be careful of anyone on these sites who might say they can help you log in, though. Hackers will take advantage of issues such as this to try and steal Facebook credentials.

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