Facebook scam steals famous faces and BBC branding – Naked Security

A brand-thieving email scam that first showed up in January 2019 has resurfaced…

…this time on Facebook.

We received this one from Naked Security reader Rajan Sanhotra who urged us to warn other people, given the high-profile names and brands that were fraudulently exploited in the scam.

The stolen images and logos used in the attack make what a marketing expert would call an enticing “call to action”, with no SHOUTING CAPITAL LETTERS, no obvious mis-spellings (other than the word “I” written in lower case), no grammatical errors, and no REPEATED EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

Instead of the old-school giveaways, you’ll see an unexceptionable-looking sponsored post on your Facebook timeline, like this:

Even if you’re not from Europe, or not interested in sport, the article looks both harmless and at least vaguely interesting, featuring as it does the world-famous football manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Arguably the best sports team manager ever, winner of the most football trophies, a Knight Bachelor of the United Kingdom, still well-known and globally recognisable several years into retirement – clicking through to see what Sir Alex is up to at the moment seems innocent and harmless enough.

And harmless it was, when we visited the link given in the Facebook post by copying it directly into the address bar of our browser, rather than clicking through from Facebook.

Disappointing, perhaps; dull, yes; but directly harmful or obviously scammy?