Facebook strict policies with the kids

We all know that million of the newly teenagers and under age children enter into the Facebook almost daily.

When the preteens enter into the Facebook, it is hard for them to stop from smearing the hatred, doing bullying and spamming, involving into the fraud activities, and getting part of the offense.

The Facebook has got strict with the children age and smashing the idea of the children to deceive about their ages.

The website has also registered for its patent application in which the parental consent will be required when the children will create their Facebook accounts.

With this, the website will make sure that the parents are aware about children’s activities on the forum. The parents can check the interaction of the kids, check their settings, and check what sort of content is uploaded, and much more.

Facebook is doing great about anti-bullying, racial, sexual, and offensive pages and comments. The verification of ID of the parents will be there too. But still there are 8.7% of the Facebook accounts present on the website without any identification.

Facebook strickt policies with the kids
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