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Welcome back, everyone, Mercedes from here in Singapore. How does Facebook balance rising censorship with rapid growth in Asia, a region where illegal governments are rampant? According to the details of Nikkei Asia, it is not so good. How US social media groups manage this challenge has a direct impact on future growth. Over the past five years, Facebook’s monthly active users in the region have more than doubled to 1.2 billion, compared to the United States. Elsewhere, see the surge in iPhone sales in China and what billionaires Richard Lee and Peter Thiel are doing in Southeast Asia. Catch you next week!

Big story

Facebook is walking a tightrope in Asia. On the other hand, they are willing to support freedom of speech and support censorship to stay in a promising market. Research Discovered by Nikkei Asia.

Over the past five years, Facebook’s monthly active users in the region have more than doubled to 1.2 billion, but in North America it has increased by about 17% to 259 million.

Main development: In India, Facebook has allowed a network of fake accounts connected to politicians of the ruling BJP to continue operating for almost half a year, said Sophie Zhang, a former Facebook data scientist who was dismissed last year. Facebook said Zhang’s accusation that the company did not act on the basis of the parent BJP’s fake account was “inaccurate.”

In Vietnam, activists said Facebook opposed them and dismissed them in response to the government’s threat of blocking the platform. “”[W]We limit some content in Vietnam to make our service available to millions of people who depend on it every day, “says Facebook.

Other incidents have been reported in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Conclusion: Facebook faces a trade-off between maintaining its credibility and driving growth in areas where illegal governments are rampant. How it manages has a significant impact on its future growth.

Top 10 Mercedes

  1. Let it rain! China Plan to cover 60% of land with the following program Use a drone to make it rain By 2025. (Nikkei Asia)

  2. SoftBank Vision Fund $ 4 billion down After investing in Didi Beijing Punished the dispatch company. (FT)

  3. Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest contract chip maker, is considering building its first in Europe Semiconductor factory NS Germany.. (Nikkei Asia)

  4. Global Investment Bank Race to redirect Offering high-tech stocks in China Hong Kong Following Didi’s blunder. (FT)

  5. Hong Kong Taking action against “doxing” on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Threatens the freedom of citizens.. (FT)

  6. What’s the difference with the new iPhone? Apple’s latest Quarterly results Smartphone sales surged China.. (Nikkei Asia)

  7. Philippines Fintech player Mynt Chinese Ant Group Double that rating Funding up to $ 2 billion. (Nikkei Asia)

  8. Fred Hu, Director of Ant Group, said:Not longDespite the risks faced before the company’s IPO Chinese High-tech company. (Nikkei Asia)

  9. Great big lead Tiger global, A tech investor who made a bold bet India.. Can you continue to make money with a fast-paced model? (FT)

  10. Over and over again Silicon valley I tried to persuade us to wear a camera. Tim Bradshaw isn’t at the wrong time Maybe it’s the idea itself.. (FT)

“Imagine Alexa has an eye and Siri can see what you’re seeing.” © Mitch Blunt

Our view

Bukara pack Offering shares is a moment of change for the Indonesian technology scene. The e-commerce marketplace, which means “open a stall,” Indonesia Stock Exchange Next week on a list of potential company ratings For over $ 6 billion.. This could be the largest IPO in the country.

Bukara pack requires money. Not one of Indonesia’s top two e-commerce players, the company will be exposed just as the Indonesian technology battle is in full swing. The temptation of a strong population of 270m means rivals including: Tencent-support Shopee, Alibaba-Owned Lazada And local players Tokopedia We have built an impressive partnership, raised capital and expanded it further to the Bukarapack lawn.

Like most e-commerce peers, online shopping groups are not profitable. It has not stopped record investor demand. The contract has expanded dramatically. Bukarapack initially aimed to raise about $ 300 million. Since then, it has grown to $ 800 million and is currently targeted at $ 1.5 billion. It set the price of the stock at the upper limit of that range, According to DealStreetAsia..

Demand is an indicator of investors’ great interest in Indonesian high-tech companies. However, the fight to win in Indonesia is costly, especially as more local unicorns use the public market for capital. Shopee parents Ocean Tokopedia raised about $ 3 billion at the end of last year, Gojek, Another Indonesian tech champion. Investors in Bukarapack will find that they are funding an expensive technical battle for control.

— Mercedes

Smart data

“It’s virtually impossible to invest.” This was a terrible view from a major global investment bank after a crackdown by Chinese regulators. Trapped educational skills This week’s sector.Shares of US listed groups, including: New Oriental Education, TAL education When Gaotu TecheduFormerly named GSX, it plummeted.

Analyst Goldman Sachs The size of the Chinese tutor market is projected to collapse by 76% to $ 24 billion. JP Morgan “It is unclear what level of restructuring companies should undergo under the new regime, and in our view this makes these stocks virtually uninvestable.”


Jun Seki Aim for height.. Nidec’s president and CEO is leading the expansion phase, which predicts that sales will increase 19-fold to 100 trillion yen ($ 91 billion) by 2030.

The company will also spend $ 9 billion over the next five years to deepen its ties with Foxconn in Taiwan, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, and increase sales of electric vehicle motors.

NS Initiative with Foxconn Next year, we plan to establish a Taiwan-based joint venture to manufacture motors for electric vehicles.

“Currently, the majority of us [automotive] The client is an automobile manufacturer. However, in addition to the people who have sold cars so far, the number of new entrants from other sectors is increasing, “said Mr. Seki, a former Nissan executive who was appointed CEO of Nidec this year. Says.

Trading art

Hariklishnan I have a strong new best friend.Chief Executive Officer of Online Real Estate Group in Southeast Asia PropertyGuru Have I agreed to publish Through a merger with a blank check company backed by millionaires Richard Li When Peter thiel..

Transactions with Bridgetown 2The special purpose acquisition company is expected to generate $ 431 million in revenue and value the company at $ 1.78 billion. This move means that Property Guru will soon be ranked as one of the few Southeast Asian companies listed in the United States. Southeast Asia is gaining in popularity as Chinese tech companies have lost support (see Smart Data).

For Krishnan, who has a history of 2015-14 years, this is the second initial public offering. PropertyGuru was scheduled to go public in Australia in October 2019, but has been withdrawn. The company attributed this move to uncertain market conditions at the time.

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