Fake Adobe Flash update infecting smartphones with nasty malware

If the words, “Adobe Flash,” don’t give you the heebie-jeebies, they should. The once-beloved media-player software is now synonymous with malware.

Flash has been hugely instrumental in bringing video to the internet. Unfortunately, at nearly a quarter-century old, it was developed at a time when “hacking” meant hitting a piece of wood with an ax, not a criminal remotely accessing your computer.

Flash has such a long, recent history of vulnerabilities and security patches that Adobe is phasing it out by 2020. Until then, hackers are going to exploit it.

Be careful, though. Hackers are exploiting you, too. If “Adobe Flash” gets your attention, hackers are trying to take advantage of you with a new malware called Invisible Man (or Andr/Banker-GUA).

It’s likely from Russia and is related to another malware know as Svpeng. It’s a clever hack that’s designed to trick you into giving hackers remote access to your Android smartphone and, ultimately, your bank account.


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