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  • EXCLUSIVE Gene Morrison appeared as an expert in hundreds of court cases
  •  He was found guilty of a host of deception charges as well as sexual assault
  •  A parole board has now ruled Morrison is still too dangerous to be released

One of Britain’s most notorious conmen, who tricked judges, lawyers and police officers into believing he was a respected forensic detective over three decades – before also being unmasked as a sex predator – has been ruled still too dangerous to be released.

Gene ‘Rocky’ Morrison, who called himself Dr. Gene Morrison, appeared as an expert forensic psychologist in hundreds of court cases and was paid at least £250,000 in tax payers money.

In 2007 he was described as a complete charlatan and found guilty of a host of deception charges at Minshull Street crown court, Manchester. Morrison was jailed for five years.

In a hugely embarrassing verdict, Morrison’s web of lies was laid bare, including buying academic awards from a fictitious US university and hiring a lie detector from a firm called ‘Spies R Us.’

Working under the motto ‘Exposing Unrighteousness for the Sake of Righteousness’ the exposure of the scam led to police investigating 700 cases in which Morrison gave evidence for possible miscarriages of justice.

Gene ‘Rocky’ Morrison, who called himself Dr. Gene Morrison, appeared as an expert forensic psychologist in hundreds of court cases before he was caught

In 2009 aged 51 and two years into his sentence for fraud, Morrison was also revealed to be a sexual predator when he was convicted of sexually assaulting four young victims between 2000 and 20007.

He was sentenced at Minshull Street crown court to serve an ‘indeterminate’ sentence with a minimum of seven and a half years for the rapes and sex assaults.

Under the terms of the sentence, Morrison cannot be released on licence until the Parole Board decides he is no longer a threat to society.

The fake forensic scientist first became eligible for parole in 2017. Within the last few weeks, following a paper review of his progress, Morrison has been told he will not be granted an oral hearing.

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The decision not to allow Morrison to address a three-person parole panel in person is relatively unusual and reflects his lack of progress within the prison system.

A spokesperson for the Parole Board said: ‘We can confirm that a panel of the Parole Board refused the release of Gene Morrison following a paper hearing. The panel also refused to recommend a move to open prison.

‘Parole Board decisions are solely focused on what risk a prisoner could represent to the public if released and whether that risk is manageable in the community.’

MailOnline has obtained a written summary of the Parole Board decision that acknowledges Morrison has taken ‘accredited courses’ but ‘specialist advice was that risks remained live and that important training needs were still to be met.’

In relation to the sex attacks, it stated: ‘Mr Morrison had breached the trust placed on him by targeting, grooming and coercing victims.

‘He had a history of domestic violence and had used power and control over partners in his relationships.’

The report continues: ‘Against that background and in the absence of sufficient change since his last parole hearing, the panel concluded that Mr Morrison was not yet ready to be safely released to the community under the conditions proposed by his probation officer.’

Morrison has been ruled still too dangerous to be released by the parole board

At his first trial for fraud, the full extent of Morrison’s deceit was laid bare in breathtaking detail during a court case that often descended into farce.

Jamaican-born Morrison, then aged 48, of Hyde, Cheshire, was convicted of 22 charges including perjury, perverting the course of justice and obtaining money by deception.

The court was told that Morrison, who is believed to have fathered nine children by various women, had given his ‘expert’ opinion in over 700 cases, including murder trials, armed robbery, drugs and accidents.

Rather than an expert, Morrison, dubbed ‘Rocky’ in his hometown, had left school with no qualifications and decided to become a forensic scientist after spotting an advert in a detective magazine offering correspondence degrees customers could buy.

His firm Criminal and Forensic Investigation Bureau was set up in 1977 with Morrison heading it after buying a fake BSc in Forensic Sciences from the

bogus Rochville University in the United States.

The fraudster hired a real forensic detective and used his work as his own, often charging twice what he paid. At other times, he cut and pasted old reports.

Appearing in court, he insisted on being referred to as Doctor throughout the entire trial, and the jury were supposedly reduced to laughter on many occasions throughout the proceedings.

Morrison will be eligible for a further parole review in two years time.

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