The fake hacking tool that turns the table on snoopers: ‘Facebook Unlocker’ app that claims to give you access to anyone’s account will steal your details instead

Wannabe hackers who try to break into Facebook accounts using a ready-made tool are in for a nasty surprise.
Facebook Unlocker promises to provide access to a target’s profile on the social network, but instead steals information that could be sold to criminals.

Although the app’s low budget appearance should be enough to deter anyone, warnings have been posted online for the benefit of anyone who is tempted try it.

Malicious software expert Malware Hunter was the first to sound the alarm, when he posted to Twitter.

The anonymous security researcher tweeted: ‘Another fake hacking tool for Facebook.

‘This time an “account unlocker”. When humans will stop believing in these obviously fake things?’

The fake hacking tool, which has been available in various forms since at least 2014, asks users for the profile URL of the target account.

To activate it, you must also provide an email address and phone number linked to your own Facebook account, as well as your password.

Clicking the ‘make it rain’ button should run the hack, but instead it sends the information you have entered to an email address set up by hackers.

This could be used to access your personal information on the site, including private pictures and correspondence.

It could also be used for the purposes of identify theft.

Malware Hunter later traced this particular version of the app to a hacker in Hungary.


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