Fake Netflix App Can Spy On You and Take Your Picture Without You Knowing!

As soon as we saw this story, we knew we had to share with you as it can not only affect you but your kids as well.

Cyber-security experts have found a fake Netflix app that can take over your device and spy on you.

The device gives strangers access to your phone’s camera, microphone and messages. That means it can potentially allow a stranger to take nude photos of you and listen to your conversations.

The creepy Android app was described as ‘a well-crafted piece of spyware that’s being called SpyNote RAT.’ The fake app is downloaded from an unofficial source, rather than from the Google Play Store. It uses a piece of software called a trojan, which sneaks onto devices disguised as an app.

When the user clicks on the spyware’s icon for the first time, nothing seems to happen, and the icon disappears from the home screen. This makes the user think that the app may have been removed, but the malware is actually preparing an onslaught of attacks.

Once the device is infected, hackers can activate the microphone and listen in to live conversations. They can also copy files from the device, and gain access to the phone’s contact list and text messages.

The experts say that anyone who downloads apps from non-official sites is at risk.

Take a good look at the photo above…A fake Netflix app (pictured left) has been discovered by cyber-security experts, which can take over your device and spy on you. Pictured on the right is the official Netflix app on the Google Play store.


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