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Family of 4 committed suicide after cyber hacking, theft; requested for collective cremation in suicide letter | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Since morning picture of a perfect family having two beautiful children is getting viral on social media. The shocking part about the picture is that all four members of this family are dead now. The reason as per the suicide note is– cyber crime.

The man in this picture is identified as Bhupendra Vishwakarma (38), his wife Ritu (35) and two children Rituraj (3) and Rishiraj (9). Bhupendra took this picture before committing suicide, quoting it as ‘Our last family picture’.

On July 13, the police recovered the dead bodies of the family members, the children were given poison, whereas the couple hanged themselves. Bhupendra lived in Bhopal’s Rathibarh area in Shiv Vihar colony.

A few months back he received a message on Whatsapp regarding online part-time work. He was in need of money, hence he started working, and the work drained all his savings by luring him for a larger amount. They also hacked his laptop and shared their morphed pictures on social media. The company allegedly accessed his bank accounts as well.

As per Narendra Vishwakarma, Bhupendra’s elder brother told the media that, Bhupendra and Ritu first gave poison (celphos) with a cold drink and after making sure the children are dead, they hanged themselves.

The police recovered a copy of the suicide note and six packets of celphos from his house on July 13. On the intervening night of 12-13 July, Bhupendra shared the suicide note and a selfie with his Niece, Rinki. The caption of this photo reads, “This is our last picture, we will not be seen now”. Rinki works at a thread company in Mandideep (an industrial area, near Bhopal).

Pankaj said, his brother is a victim of cybercrime. The hackers steal the picture of him and then made morphed videos out of them. The hackers used these clips and pictures to blackmail Bhupendra, they demanded a sum of Rs 17 Lakh. He also went to register a complaint in this regard at the cyber cell on 7-8 July.

The suicide note written by Bhuprendra was accessed by Organiser, it says;

Everyone is worried because of my mistake….

I don’t understand what to do and what not to do, I don’t know whose evil eye caught our small and lovely family. We would like to apologize to our family members with folded hands. Everyone associated with me is very upset, all because of a mistake I made.

We were living happily with our family, but in the month of April, I got a WhatsApp message on my phone regarding an online job. Then the same offer was made on Telegram. In order to get some extra money, I agreed to work. The work did not require much time, so I started.

Initially, I got a little benefit, but gradually started sinking into a quagmire. I was engaged in two different work, to balance things out, even if I get a little time, I used to do that online work, but the workload was so much that I used to spend money on this. I had no time to calculate my spending.

Copy of the suicide note, as accessed by Organiser
Copy of the suicide note, as accessed by Organiser

I could not even use this money at home. Even before that, the pressure of work started increasing on me. When I ran out of money, the company started asking for loans and agreements. I refused because my civil was bad. When I tried at the behest of the company, I got the loan immediately, and the money from the loan kept pouring into the company like water.

Before starting this work, I checked the website which is an e-commerce-based company. It gets the work done for TRP on the applications. The website is www.csyonllem.com which was started in 2022 after covid amd was based in Colombia, because of this I started but did not know that I will stand at this juncture, where we have no way out.

After being a victim of an online job scam, I thought, I should try another way out and then, I will clear all the loans and leave all this as soon as I get the money. The people doing online jobs made me so much in debt that, even I myself was surprised. I understood, that I have been cheated.

The people from the loan recovery office kept calling and threatening me. In June, I managed to pay the EMI but when I failed to pay the debts in July, they hacked my phone and shared the morphed pictures of me, with my family members and other contacts.

I went to the cybercrime office to give information about it, but due to the unavailability of officers and holidays, things were postponed.

The time has come to leave this job as well. I cannot see my future or my family. I am no longer fit to show my face to anyone. How will I be able to see my family?

I just want to say to my mother, father, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, my dear sisters, and my dear daughter, that I am not in a state to come in front of you all. I am afraid, I will not be able to make eye contact with you all.

Lest there be any problem in my daughter’s marriage in future, so, me and my wife in this small family cannot leave anyone alone, Rishu, Kishu are also in trouble. That’s why, I am taking them along with me. I apologize once again.

Bhupendra wrote, “Our last wish is, we all should get cremated collectively and no postmortem is conducted. We want to be together”

Bhupendra and Ritu, after suicide (Image: Twitter)

This cyber cell is now active and they are checking the mobile and laptop of the victim. As of now, no official statement has come from the side of the police.


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