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Fans discuss what to do amidst the PC hacking exploits issue | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

The recent discovery of a GTA Online exploit has dismayed players all over the world, particularly those who play on a PC. For many years, the multiplayer game has been infested with hackers and modders, but Rockstar Games appears to do nothing to eliminate the problem and ensure smooth gameplay.

Things have now gone out of hand as data miners recently discovered new hacks used by modders that can modify, ban, and even delete other players’ accounts. Even worse, they can get remote access to personal computers.

#GTAOnline PC High Alert⚠️

New extreme exploits have appeared allowing cheaters to remotely add/remove/modify your stats and permanently corrupt your account aka ban/delete.

Avoid playing without a firewall rule or playing at all!


Thanks to @HarryGotTaken for notifying.

#GTAOnline PC High Alert⚠️New extreme exploits have appeared allowing cheaters to remotely add/remove/modify your stats and permanently corrupt your account aka ban/delete.Avoid playing without a firewall rule or playing at all!🚨Thanks to @HarryGotTaken for notifying.

The Grand Theft Auto community is infuriated, and heated debates have erupted across numerous social media platforms.

Many players are expressing their displeasure on Reddit, which has one of the largest GTA Online communities with around 1.4 million users. Some have even proposed boycotting the game until Rockstar Games resolves the modding and hacking issue once and for all.

GTA Online PC players band together to call for a boycott amidst hacking exploits issue

On January 21, 2023, a Reddit user named u/OakzuTV expressed their frustration about the recent hacking issue. The user claimed to enjoy playing GTA Online, but they advocated for a boycott of the multiplayer title in order to send a message to Rockstar Games.

The user accused the American gaming studio of doing nothing to address the demands put forth by PC players due to long-standing concerns about hacking and modding in the multiplayer mode. They went on to say that Rockstar Games’ ignorance has now caused players to be concerned about their personal cyber-security while using its online services.

u/OakzuTV added:

“If these issues continue to develop, GTA Online may soon be rendered completely unsafe to play, leading to players abandoning the game forever.”

Hence, the user encouraged other Grand Theft Auto Online players to use the hashtag #BoycottGTAOnline and raise awareness for players from around the world. This can prompt the developers to fix the problem swiftly and provide a safe gaming experience, free of hacking and modding, to PC players.

Redditors react to the call for boycott

The post quickly went viral on the game’s subreddit, having received approximately 1.4k upvotes at the time of writing. Many GTA Online players joined the discussion, and some shared what modders had done to them in the past. The thread is still active and has over 400 comments.

Redditor u/Kmonk1 recounted their most recent experience of receiving in-game spam messages from modders for an extended period of time. They also stated that being crashed by a modder has unfortunately become the norm in the game now.

User u/rustre condemned Rockstar’s ignorance and chastised modders for ruining other people’s games.

Another user, u/Competitive_Juice902, reported receiving several connection error messages in GTA Online.

According to u/ATR2400, the recent PC exploit goes beyond trolling because hackers can use the mod to gain access to players’ personal lives.

User u/FrederickRoders described their terrifying experience of a player following them around the game for days.

User u/TDG_W1ck3D1 shared a technique that allows players to avoid being attacked by hackers to a certain extent.

The entire Grand Theft Auto Online community is concerned about these hacking exploits at the moment, and they want Rockstar Games to act quickly and resolve the problem.

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