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Far-Right Activist Laura Loomer Refuses to Concede, Sobs About Voter Fraud | #phishing | #scams | #hacking | #aihp

Far-right activist Laura Loomer is pictured during a “Demand Free Speech” rally in Washington, D.C., on July 6, 2019. Loomer refused to concede after losing a GOP primary election in Florida on Tuesday.
Stephanie Keith/Getty

Far-right activist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer broke into tears as she claimed without evidence that she was illegally robbed of a Republican primary victory on Tuesday.

Incumbent Representative Daniel Webster won Tuesday’s GOP primary for Florida’s 11th Congressional District, according to the Associated Press. Although Webster won the race with 51 percent of the vote to Loomer’s 44 percent with over 95 percent of ballots counted, Loomer refused to concede and instead suggested that the result was fraudulent.

Loomer previously won a Florida Republican primary race for Congress in 2020 but lost to her Democratic opponent, Representative Lois Frankel, by more than 16 points in the general election. She insisted that she was the true “winner” on Tuesday and argued that “big-tech election interference” could be to blame for the primary’s outcome.

“I’m not conceding, because I’m a winner and the reality is our Republican Party is broken to its core,” Loomer told supporters in a speech following her loss. “What we have done tonight has really honestly shocked the nation. We have further exposed the corruption within our own feckless, cowardly Republican Party.”

“We are losing our country to big-tech election interference,” she added as tears streamed down her face. “And I am pleading with the Republican Party to please start taking this issue seriously, because the American people deserve representation.”

Although election results appeared to be closer earlier in the night, Webster’s victory became apparent as votes in the final precincts were counted. The congressman, whom Loomer described as a “RINO Republican” and “do-nothing Daniel Webster” in her non-concession speech, thanked supporters for his victory after the race was called.

“I am grateful for Republicans’ support for my track record of fighting for conservative values, families, and small businesses, while standing up to Washington elites, and getting real results for my constituents,” Webster tweeted. “Because of your loyal support, I have won my primary.”

Loomer, a self-described “proud Islamophobe” and white nationalist who backed former President Donald Trump’s false claims of a “stolen” 2020 presidential election, had been endorsed by prominent far-right figures such as conservative commentator Michelle Malkin and received an early endorsement from Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

In addition to being a political candidate, Loomer is a contributor to Alex Jones’ far-right conspiracy media platform Infowars. She has previously pushed conspiracy theories that falsely claim mass shootings, including the 2018 shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, were faked.

Loomer has been permanently banned from mainstream social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook for violating rules against spreading false information and hate, although she continues to maintain an account on Trump’s Truth Social platform.

Newsweek has reached out to the Loomer and Webster campaigns for comment.

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