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Fargo mom scared for son’s safety in upcoming school year | #schoolsaftey

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – A Fargo mom is worried about sending her son back to school this year after an incident last year.

One of Shalanda Rogers’ worst nightmare’s as a parent came true last May when she received a call from Ben Franklin Middle School located at 1420 8th St N.

“I get a phone call from the school, back in May, and they say they’ve got my son there because it wasn’t safe for him to walk home,” Rogers said.

She says her son was defending a friend who was arguing with another student. The two bickered and it ended with someone telling her son, “my brother’s going to get you.” It then escalated to several children targeting her son. She says her son pulled a knife in defense and they backed away. They then returned and several were armed with their own knives

“20 kids with their own knives and there own little camera phones, were gonna beat up my kid,” Rogers said.

Shalanda recognizes the severity of the situation of both sides, saying she doesn’t condone that her kid had a knife, but she worries what would’ve happened if he didn’t. Now, she and her child are facing legal ramifications after a restraining order was placed on her son.

“They wanted me to have him sign that he is guilty of being a terrorist, of making another child fear for the safety of his life, when he was defending himself. I don’t condone the knife, again I don’t condone the knife, but had he not had that knife?” Rogers said.

Rogers said that she tried to transfer her kid to a different school in the F-M area, but she couldn’t due to “zoning” and “boundary” issues.

She has a meeting with school leaders to discuss a safety plan on Friday, but that only applies to the school grounds, and not in an area where this situation took place.

“It’s not the school that I’m worried about, it’s between my house and the school, the three miles that I’m worried about,” Rogers said.

She moved to the area years ago with hopes of raising her son in a safe environment, but after this incident, she’s not sure what to do.

“Like, right now I feel like I should pack it up and go back home.. back to California because it’s not safe here for my son,” Rogers said. “How am I supposed to send my son somewhere where at least 30 other students are running and gunning for him. How am I supposed to? Am I supposed to just send him to school?”

The next step for Rogers is dealing with the legal ramifications her family is facing.

The district said to Valley News Live in an email: “The Fargo Public School District will decline an interview, due to the fact that we cannot legally comment on student situations.”

They also said in a separate email: “Again, thank you for reaching out. Our staff is extremely busy preparing for the start of the school year and will need to decline an interview.”

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