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FAU issues alert on suspicious man on campus | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University is alerting students about a man who has been seen wandering on campus.

Authorities say Carlos Alberto Montero, 47, who is a former MDCPS teacher, has been seen on campus distributing flyers that may include information on tutoring services. 

Montero formerly taught physics at Scheck Hillel Community School in Miami and previously taught 9th-12th grade AP Chemistry at University School at Nova Southeastern University and at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in Miami-Dade.

Last October, Montero was charged with sexual assault and obscene communication to seduce or solicit a child. 

He is currently out on bond. 

FAU students shared fears and concerns with CBS News Miami’s Joe Gorchow. A student told him as she was leaving class Tuesday night, the man approached her and her classmates inside a campus building, not taking no for an answer.

“Getting in everyone’s faces trying to get us to contact him for tutoring,” said the FAU student by phone, not wishing to be identified.

After her organic chemistry class let out, she says Montero was forcefully trying to pass out flyers for his tutoring services.

“I didn’t really think anything of it then, but then when I saw the email that came out, I was like, oh my God,” said the student.

Many students we spoke with walking around campus share similar fears.

“Really scary knowing that that’s on campus and, like, if I’m looking for help, that they might be a sexual predator,” said another student speaking with CBS News Miami, wanting to remain anonymous.  

“It’s just concerning, in my opinion, especially due to the fact that we do have certain precautions we have such as our, our own owl cards that we do have and own, and that’s what pretty much grants us, like our ways into the buildings here. So you would swipe it through,” said a freshman student at FAU, also wanting to remain anonymous.

“I think we should up the security,” said William Terry, a junior at FAU.  “Someone like that shouldn’t be on this campus. And I just think it’s just like a bad look for the school, too.”

University police provided two possible vehicles Montero might be driving. A white Telsa with license plate IXC L99. And a white BMW with the license plate 744 KPA.  

The incident has many students rethinking where to seek tutoring services.

“Go through the school, like, go to the, I don’t know what, the tutoring office or talk to my professor and see who I can get with tutoring,” said Mike Dillon, a junior at FAU.  “Not just a random flyer.”  

FAU police declined to comment further on the incident. The Broward State Attorney’s Office says it is under investigation.

FAU police are urging anyone who has come in contact with Montero to contact them immediately by calling (561) 297-3500. 

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