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The FBI has revealed that it has conducted an operation to eradicate LockBit , a cybercrime group that has been involved in creating and developing ransomware used around the world and has caused extensive damage, and has obtained more than 7,000 decryption keys that can remove encryption caused by the ransomware.

FBI Cyber Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran’s Remarks at the 2024 Boston Conference on Cyber Security — FBI

FBI recovers 7,000 LockBit keys, urges ransomware victims to reach out

FBI releases thousands of LockBit decryption keys • The Register

Brian Vaughn , assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, revealed in a keynote speech at the Boston Conference on Cybersecurity that the FBI had obtained more than 7,000 decryption keys as a result of the LockBit eradication operation.

‘LockBit’ is a cybercrime group that has been active since 2019 and is engaged in creating, developing and distributing ransomware. In Japan, it is known that ransomware created by ‘LockBit’ was used in the attack on the container terminal at Nagoya Port that occurred in July 2023.

Nagoya Port container terminal resumes operations after two days of suspension due to ransomware attack, first time in Japan that port facility operations have been halted due to cyberattack – GIGAZINE

In February 2024, a joint international operation called Operation Kronos was launched by police organizations from 10 countries, including the United States and Japan, and two operators of LockBit were arrested.

At that time, 34 servers and over 2,500 decryption keys were seized, which were used to create a free recovery tool.

International law enforcement forces arrest two LockBit operators suspected of attacking Nagoya Port and create tool to recover encrypted files for free – GIGAZINE

According to Vornandran, the operation to eradicate LockBit has continued since then, and more than 7,000 decryption keys have been seized.

Vorndoran said that the company is working to provide assistance to victims of the LockBit ransomware attack and urged anyone who believes they may have been a victim to contact the American Internet Crime Complaint Center .

The U.S. State Department is offering a $10 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of LockBit’s leaders, and a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone connected to the ransomware.

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