FBI spotlights sextortion cases targeting kids in WA

The school year’s underway, and students are on all sorts of social media and internet groups. Unfortunately, we have to be on the alert for sex predators who target children and teens in cyberspace. FBI agents here in Washington state say there’s an increase in the number of online sexual extortion cases involving young victims.

Ayn Dietrich-Williams, from the FBI’s Seattle office, updated three cases with Washington state connections. She also shared what’s contributing to the increase of sextortion cases.

One of the cases she updated involves Lucas Chansler, a man convicted of preying on more than 350 victims across the country, including 2 here in Washington state. So far, they’ve only identified 109 victims, and are asking others to come forward. Chansler is currently serving a 105 year sentence in federal prison.

If you have any questions, call the FBI’s Seattle office: (206) 622-0460, or your local police department.