FBI’s internal guide list to Internet slangs revealed

Did you think that FBI had mastered everything and cracking anything in the world was an easy task for them. You are mistaken!!! Recently, FBI has released a list of nearly 3000 acronyms used on twitter to help the agents.

Officially called as the ‘Twitter Shorthand Guide,’ the document serves the following purpose.

“With the advent of Twitter and other social media on the Internet, the use of shorthand and acronyms has exploded.”

It also reads “This list has about 2800 entries you should find useful in your work or for keeping up with your children or grandchildren.”

Read the list below:

The guidebook was made public following a Freedom of Information Request by MuckRock for ‘leet speak,’ which “is an obfuscated form of communication where letters are replaced with numbers or symbols or unusual spellings or abbreviations are used, or a combination of these aspects.”

Twitter, with 140 character limit, forced its users to adopt acronyms and short forms so much that it has become the language of tweets and online communication.

Acronyms such as COP (Close of Play), FMTKFYTFO (for me to know, for you to find out) and YKWRGMG (you know what really grinds my gears?) are commonly used in online conversation. Mastering these acronyms makes you cool, and is a cooler way to prevent your parents from finding out what you are up to (can’t type now, PLOS—parents looking over shoulder).

Keeping the coolness of acronyms apart, what is less clear is why would FBI waste its manhours in compiling something that can be easily googled and obtained. Besides, these acronyms are constantly evolving, which would mean FBI would always need to keep updating their handbook with frequent updates.

And now try cracking PMYMHMMFSWGAD!!!

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