Federal Bureau of Investigation seeks hacker after 1.2 billion logins are stolen

That hacker, known as “mr.grey”, was identified based on data from a cybsecurity firm that announced in August 2014 that it had determined an alleged Russian crime ring was responsible for stealing information from more than 420,000 websites,THE DOCUMENTS said.

Court documents made public last week, and seen by Reuters, name a mysterious force called “mr.grey” as the hacker, or group of hackers, behind last year’s attack, which is regarded as the biggest cyber heist to date.

The FBI is now on the heels of a “mr.grey”, a Russian hacker who announced on hackers forums that he is selling users’ data hacked from thousands of websites, including Facebook and Twitter; the U.S.SECURITY AGENCY has linked the foreign hacker through a Russian email id to the breach of about 1.2 billion users’ data across the internet.

Hold Security’s chief information security officer, Alex Holden, told Reuters that he believes the 2011 message proves the hacker, or group of hackers, has access to a large database of stolen data.

Source: http://www.ledgergazette.com/federal-bureau-of-investigation-seeks-hacker-after-1-2-billion-logins-are-stolen/155356/

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