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Robert Morss, a former substitute teacher from Shaler, was found with three guns, a notebook with handwritten notes on how to create a hometown militia, and a Lego model of the Capitol when he was arrested one June 11 for his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

As of July 7, Morss is one of a few dozen Pennsylvanians arrested in connection to the insurrection. Morss was charged by federal law enforcement with assaulting officers, civil disorder, robbery of personal property of the U.S., and obstruction of an official proceeding.

Pennsylvania is among the states with the most people charged in relation to the Capitol insurrection, with 44 people of the 496 charged in federal court in the District of Columbia as of July 9. The number of Pennsylvanians charged in relations to the insurrection has increased over the months, as there were 20 Pennsylvanians charges as of February.

Morss was caught on video on Jan. 6 helping to organize a shield wall while attacking the Lower West Terrace tunnel of the Capitol, as well as grabbing an officer’s baton and trying to rip it away and later telling police, “You guys are betraying us. You get paid enough to betray your own people?”

Morss is also seen ripping a crowd control fence out of the hands of an officer and retreating with it into the crowd. He later instructed others to block out a security camera before entering the Capitol through a broken window.

The U.S. Attorney opposes any release order for Morss, declaring that his actions “inherently prove he is a danger to the community at large.” When asking for detention of Morss, prosecutors noted the guns, a fully constructed Lego model of the Capitol, and a notebook with a handwritten section on “Step by Step to Create Hometown Militia” found during his arrest, which they say indicates “some evidence that Morss is not done with his efforts.”

Morss’ bail hearing will be held in Washington, D.C., on Tue., July 13.

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