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Nicholas Tweiten (photo: Cass County Jail)

FARGO (KFGO) – A Fargo man who has been an assistant baseball coach for Shanley High School for several years has been charged with felony terrorizing after being arrested for domestic violence with a dangerous weapon.

Court documents show Nicholas Tweiten, 36, was arrested Saturday night and is accused of pointing a loaded gun at his wife after slapping and biting her.

Officers were called to Tweiten’s home shortly before midnight on a report of a domestic situation in which he allegedly beat and pointed a loaded handgun at her. 

When officers arrived, Tweiten’s wife – who had a visible injury – met them at the door and said Nicholas was inside where Tweiten walked out from around a corner with his hands up.

According to court records, Tweiten appeared under the influence, but was cooperative and remorseful. He told officers things had gotten physical and he admitted hitting his wife and getting a gun, but denied pointing the weapon at her. Instead, he told officers he pointed the gun at himself. 

The incident allegedly began earlier in the evening when the couple was at a bar where Tweiten got angry with his wife. 

A school official confirmed Tweiten is on a year-to-year contract with Shanley High School.

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