FIC 2017

January 24 – 25, 2017 | Grand Palais, Paris, France

With the development of uses and new technologies, cyber security is no longer an option. The increasing interweaving of cyberspace and the physical world of living increases the risk. And not just in IT plan: material damage and human losses are no longer theoretical risks. Dependability is at stake
At a time of digital transformation, security must be conceived “by design” and be integrated natively in the solutions incorporating a digital interface. This is the condition that security can become an effective marketing tool to promote an offer to a consumer increasingly concerned for his safety and comfort of use, be it a car ( connected), a home automation system (connected), an insulin pump (connected) or process automation (connected).
But new uses and new technologies will also upset the security itself: multiplication sensors, artificial intelligence, quantum computers and networks, predictive analytics, blockchain, homomorphic encryption … The security of the future will be more intelligent to meet the challenges of an increasingly connected world.
It is these uses and new technologies that will be the heart FIC in 2017 with the aim of giving voice to end users, manufacturers and suppliers of services and solution should incorporate security in everyday life.


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