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Jordan Dowsett works a 12-hour shift as a FIFO worker and claims to get a week’s pay in a single day. (Source: TikTok)

A FIFO worker who claims to earn a whole week’s pay in a single day has shared a glimpse into his typical work day.

Jordan Dowsett, a former contestant on last year’s Love Island Australia, recently shared a day-in-the-life video as an electrician living and working at a mine in central Queensland.

The now-viral TikTok begins with Dowsett waking up bright and early at 4:00am and putting on his hi-vis workwear for the day.

At 4:30am, he heads down to the food hall for breakfast, which includes options like fruit, yoghurt, cereal, scrambled eggs, baked beans and bacon, as well as the “famous” coffee machines.

At 5:00am, he goes into a “crib” room filled with food, where he packs his lunch for the day ahead.

“Once you’re in the mine, there’s no way of getting any food. So, we pack it all the morning of, and then we are right to go for the day,” he said.

Dowsett was a contestant on last year’s Love Island Australia. (Source: Instagram)

When 5:30am hits, the workers catch a bus to the mining site where everyone gathers for a morning meeting and stretches before getting “on the tools” at 6:00am.

“Lunch time hits and what I packed today was a little salad and some fruit or sometimes, if there’s a healthy alternative, I’ll get a chicken and rice or something,” he said.

“And then there’s a big smile on my face because it’s 6:00pm, it’s knock-off time, the day is finally done.”

He is then back at the camp at 6:30pm and hits the gym to work out for an hour, before heading to the food hall for dinner at 7:30pm.

By 8:00pm, the tradie is showered and in bed “ready to repeat” the day again.

A week’s pay in one day

While Dowsett did not reveal his exact earnings as a FIFO worker, in a separate video he shared he was making the average person’s weekly wage in one day’s work.

“When you’ve got the worst FOMO from everyone enjoying their weekend … but you remember you make [their] whole week’s pay in one day,” he captioned the video.

The average FIFO electrician salary in Australia is $126,750 per year, or $65 per hour, according to Talent.

Entry-level positions start at $107,965 per year, while experienced workers can make up to $152,100 per year.

While the pay is certainly something many Aussies would be envious of, some viewers said it wasn’t worth the long hours involved.

“Not worth it bro. It kills you slowly,” one person commented.

“The money is great but money can’t replace time and memories,” another said.

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