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If one hasn’t notice Republicans are looking for “groomers” of children whether that is public school teachers or drag queens or men who are now women (transexuals). These are the people they say to be on the lookout for and fear for the safety of children.

Meanwhile these same people have no problem sending a child to say a camp promoting Bible studies and Christian activities like Kanakuk Kamps. A religiously based camp hit with scandal and charges of covering up by CEO Joe White.

The scandal and cover up is about the sexual abuse of hundreds of children, mostly boys, by Pete Newman. Newman rose through the ranks quickly becoming the director of the camp. He would visit homes and sometimes abuse the boys not only at camp but in their homes. He was eventually caught and charged and convicted on seven counts of sexually abusing boys and is currently serving two life sentences. Mr. Newman was a sexual predator he groomed and abused young boys in their homes, ate camp and around world through his position as director with Kanakuk Kamp.

In my opinion Republicans have no idea what a “groomer” is. They see something or someone they see as different and make accusations of them like charging them with grooming. Meanwhile they ignore the groomers close to them: camp directors, coaches, members of the clergy, doctors, family members, friendly neighbor next door. You don’t know who is “grooming” your child until after it has happened.



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