First look of Nintendo Switch, NES challenges the hackers with a difficult task

The game lovers were on cloud nine when they got to see the first look of the Nintendo Switch live on a TV show. They relished every second of ‘Legend of Zelda’ on a big screen. The fans got the surface idea about the console by the way it is held and used in the demo. It is evident that the console is lightweight, which brings a lot of portability and easy handling. ‘The Legend of Zelda’ looked impressive on the console. It is more vivid and fascinating than what we get to see on other consoles.

Nintendo switch features a USB type C for charging as we could see in the show. The USB type C adds to the portability and ease for the users. However, we have to wait till January 12 for its official announcement. The console will hit the market by Q1 of 2017.

Nintendo claims the safety of its console in a very exciting way. It has announced that it will give away $20,000 for the one who can successfully hack the 3DS gaming console and prove that it is not foolproof. These are the exact words of the company, “Nintendo will pay rewards to the first reporter of qualifying vulnerability information ranging from $100 to $20,000 USD.” This is quite exciting for a game company to have its fans an exciting task before releasing the console. This Offer has already made its way, and it is gravitating hundreds of game lovers. The question is not whether it is possible to hack or not, but it is giving the game maker enough hype and media attention.

The winner of this task will be decided by the amount of information he or she will be able to give. This can also be a privacy check by Nintendo game makers. Entertainment companies are on the verge of a downfall because of piracy. Nintendo wants to make sure that its console and 3DS are completely unhackable.

However, one has to abide by the rules and regulations of the task, and the hacker has to keep the information safe from any third party. Then the employees who have worked with the company are not included, even if they are successful in hacking, they won’t get any prize money from Nintendo.


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