First Responders Teach Teenagers Behind-The-Wheel Road To Safety | #schoolsaftey

The driver training school, taught by CHP and emergency responder instructors, is helping Inland Empire teens drive defensively and safely.

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MURRIETA, CA — You may have seen the brightly colored blue, yellow, pink, and purple Ford Mustangs cruising around town with the “Teen Road To Safety” logos on the sides. These student-driver vehicles are sporty on the outside, but what goes on inside is all business, according to Inland Empire franchise owner Corie Maue.

Students take the wheel with instructors who are current or past law enforcement officers and emergency responders. The instructors can apply the brake or lean in with cautionary tales and careful instruction during lessons.


This isn’t your typical driving school, according to Maue, who told us what makes their behind-the-wheel driver training program different than the others.

Photo Credit: Corie Maue, Teen Road To Safety

Before new drivers take their written permit test, they must pass a self-paced, online course in California and earn their “pink slip.”Teen Road To Safety offers both that class and the behind-the-wheel training that follows.

They also offer extensive training for young drivers on how to drive defensively and to watch for potential dangers before they ever occur.

Maue first learned of Teen Road To Safety when her son Jacob was nearing 15 and a half. Growing up with the nickname “Danger,” she wanted her son to get the safest behind-the-wheel experience possible.

“Since taking the class, he shows a keen awareness of the need to pay attention and focus on scanning ahead to respond to any potential hazards that may come up,” she said. “In a time where even adult drivers are busy and distracted, I’m grateful to be able to give him every advantage possible to stay safe on the road.”

Vista Murrieta Basketball poses near a Teen Road To Safety vehicle for community fundraiser. (Photo Credit: Corie Maue, Teen Road To Safety)

Having her son take and pass the course meant everything to the mother of four and led her to join the business.

Since then, multiple parents have shared their experiences with the program, calling instructors patient, knowledgeable, and kind.

According to their program, the training is ideal for all students, including those with anxiety, attention deficit, or other special needs. The instructors not only give the young drivers confidence, but the parents, as well.

Any licensed driver can also sign up to hone their driving skills.

“My daughter chose to wait until she turned 18 to drive as she struggles with anxiety and sensory issues and found driving to be a bit overwhelming,” one reviewer said. “As a parent, I wanted a driving school that would go beyond hands-on 10 and 2 and really prepares her as a new driver beyond just passing her test. I love the fact that they use retired police officers with years of experience in all kinds of driving conditions.

“My daughter’s confidence has come full circle, but she also has respect for what a car can do and is learning defensive driving skills. I feel so much more confident as she ventures into her new freedom behind the wheel.”

Many students return for a one-day training session that focuses on crash avoidance.

“Anything can happen in an instant. Driving would be much less complicated if we had time to react to dangerous situations, but that isn’t realistic,” Maue said. “We provide students with a wealth of driver safety knowledge to drive safely and confidently.”

Learn more about Teen Road To Safety online.

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