First school resource officer in the works at Fairview Park City Schools | #schoolsaftey

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio — School safety is a top priority at Fairview Park City School District.

“Safety and security are critically important,” said Superintendent Keith Ahearn.

That’s why Superintendent Keith Ahearn said more safety enhancements are in the works inside their schools’ buildings.

“We’re really excited about the partnership with the City of Fairview Park to bring a school resource officer,” said Ahearn.

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These security upgrades are part of more than a year-long process we first told you about last year in September.

During this time, the district received more than $170,000 from the state to pay for new security cameras, a communication system and laminated glass on doors.

New 5 followed through on the district’s delivery of these enhancements last month when the district introduced its state-of-the-art raptor alert system for every employee across the district.

Now, school leaders are moving forward with their first school resource officer.

“We’re building the capacity just like good instruction in the classroom,” said Ahearn. “School resource officer can help us play a role in helping to de-escalate those threats, educate students about them and build awareness about it, be another trusted adult they can confide in when those problems happen so that hopefully we can prevent a tragedy.”

Ahearn tells News 5 that the school resource officer will help with things like emergency preparedness as well as provide supportive tools for de-escalation and mental health.

“We think most of the issues and threats that face schools can be combatted, prevented or in some cases reduced by education and awareness, and we hope that a school resource officer will be part of that,” said Ahearn.

Parents like Marisa Shugrue said these upgrades give peace of mind.

“I’m never day-to-day worried about their safety, but obviously, we live in a crazy world, and you never know, and I really appreciate the upgrades and the changes the school has made in the past couple of years,” Shugrue said.

The district says the city has several more readings before the plan is official before next year.

“I just think it’s a crazy world, and you never know, and we all want our kids to be as safe as possible,” said Shugrue.

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