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“My daughter today at her high school had a teacher tell her she needs to get the jab to either not die, kill others or have a career in the future. Seeking guidance as I’m one upset parent. ASD will be hearing from me soon,” one parent reported to her Facebook group in Anchorage.

“My junior had the same issue at his school,” another parent replied.

Must Read Alaska scoured Save Anchorage and Alaskans for Children’s Right to Breathe pages on Facebook to find out how parents are doing with the Anchorage schools, now that the first week of school is in the books and the students have been required to mask up.

Conclusion: There are a lot of distressed parents out there.

One mother reported she waited for hours outside Polaris K-12 with her son, who has asthma and was refused entry into the school, while no one came to address their request for a medical exemption. Others reported that nearly all exemption requests are being denied by principals.

Here are some of their other stories:

“Dropped my son off this morning, I handed him a mask before we left home and he looked at me in shock and responded with “ugh! Really?! Why one of these?! I hate them! It makes my nose run and makes me sneeze!”

These are causing them more wet environments to be breathing in every day producing more bacteria and issues than they help!
“Apparently it’s completely appropriate for teachers to be in the school mask free less than 24 hours before the start of classes but magically Covid shows up when all the children do. I’m currently sitting on the curb with my son who was kicked out of school this morning for refusing to wear a mask due to his asthma. It’s on.”

“So my daughter’s principal threatened to call APD on myself and my husband and get us TRESPASSED if we do not comply. The assistant principal has completely zeroed in on me because I ‘dared’ to question her. She got in mine and my husbands face on occasion (I’m talking inches away like a psychopath) and the next day tried to grab my daughters viola out of my hand as I was waiting by the door to give it to her. I called the district to file a complaint. The lady wanted to speak to the principal because she said she worked at the school prior. The principal basically called us liars- ‘I have a hard time believing this and I believe you are exaggerating. I can watch the footage’. I said please do! We are being treated like pieces of sh*t at this school. It’s terrible and the staff is horrid.”

“I pulled my kids from their private school because of mask requirements. And I understand enrollment in ASD is way down. Now our property taxes need to go down too.”

“We refuse to muzzle our daughter! She will not cover her face, the thought of it gives her terrible anxiety. She’s only 9. Homeschool again this year.”

“I pulled my children last school year from public school and have been homeschooling because I refuse to make my children wear masks (they don’t even own any). I have been watching my friends children fall farther and farther behind. I blame the in ability to focus because they are so uncomfortable. Has anyone else noticed that? How are your children doing in school and what’s the school districts doing to help catch them up?”

“Write an email letting the principal and all the way up know what was said cc anyone and every one you can think of. A teacher told my grandson that police shoot only people of color. He was crushed. He has so much respect for police officers and Military. The most heart breaking part is my other daughter’s son is black/white so he came home very upset thinking police are out to shoot his cousin that he loves very much.”

Superintendent Deena Mitchell announced earlier this month that all persons entering school buildings in the district must be masked, with exceptions made for small groups of people who are vaccinated.

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