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Treat your child with courtesy and respect (Photo: Shutterstock)

We all have different ideas on how to raise children. But when it comes to good parenting, several things are evident.

Having a positive parenting approach, especially when our kids are being problematic, has been proven to work like magic.

When he or she spills food on the carpet or they can’t stop throwing a tantrum in the supermarket that is actually the right time to show them love and empathy rather than take the punitive route most of us were raised with.

The focus is to reflect family values and beliefs into the child while being sensitive to who they are as a person to help yield a child who is well behaved.

You should be the one person who encourages, protects and guides your child through their childhood fostering good behavior and discipline.

Here are five principles good parents’ practice.

  1. Treat them with respect

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Just because they are little humans with limited understanding does not mean you should not accord them respect. The way you extend courtesy and thoughtfulness to others you should do the same with your children.

If you expect your children to respect you then you must do the same because they learn from example. You are their role model. If, when something goes wrong, your reaction is to yell and humiliate them, that is exactly how they will react in a similar situation.

Give them space to grow into who they are as each child is unique and should be honored.

The fastest and best way to connect with your child is through play (Photo: Shutterstock)
  1. Play with them

The fastest and best way to connect with your child is through play. The simple action of kicking a ball around or putting a puzzle together fills their emotional bank strengthening the relationship you have.

This form of proactive parenting leads to a happy child and because of how they feel inside, it contributes to good behavior.

  1. Foster discipline the right way

When you punish a child, your hope is that they will suffer some pain or loss to cause them not to repeat that behavior again. This, however, does more harm than good.

By taking away their toys, sending them to the naughty corner or spanking them you are not teaching them anything. Let them know what they did and teach them how to fix their mistakes. This way they will have the skills to do better in future.

Give your child the attention they need (Photo: Shutterstock)
  1. Encourage them

You need to be your child’s number one cheerleader. If you don’t encourage them in their low moments, who will?

The same way you cheered them on as they took their first step and when they uttered their first word should carry on throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

As their parent, you can make or break them by the words and actions you choose to use on them. Choose to breathe life into them.

  1. Spend time with them

One of the best things you can do for your child is to spend quality uninterrupted time together. Give them the attention they need and get to know what they are going through.

They will feel safe, loved and valued enough helping them to make that connection all kids are wired to yearn.

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