Flock Safety Makes Raven Audio Detection System Available for School Districts, Aiming to Alert Police to Gunshots and Reduce Gun Violence | #schoolsaftey

Atlanta, GA, Nov. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Flock Safety, the all-in-one technology solution that keeps communities safe, is reaffirming its commitment to protecting schools, students, and staff with a brand-new audio detection technology offering aimed at reducing — and ultimately eliminating — gun violence at schools.

While mass school shootings are comparatively rare, hundreds of incidents occur each year where guns are discharged on school campuses. The most common location of a school shooting is in the parking lot, with 23% of incidents occurring outside school buildings.

Flock Safety’s groundbreaking Raven® system is not merely a gunshot detector. When Raven recognizes gunshots, the software will immediately alert campus police and local law enforcement, saving a 5-second audio clip as evidence.

The audio detection is also integrated with the Flock Safety Falcon® License Plate Recognition (LPR) and live video systems, rendering a comprehensive picture of the scene when gunshots occur and enabling law enforcement to take swift and safe action to save lives.

The Raven has enabled law enforcement agencies like Albany, GA’s Police Department to swiftly identify suspects and resolve firearm-related offenses. Notably, within Albany, Raven revealed a staggering 30% of gun crimes that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Raven’s adoption by police departments has led to significant drops in gun-related offenses, with some noting a decline of up to 64%.

Given the immense success of Raven in public areas, Flock Safety is broadening its deployment to educational institutions — specifically, schools and school districts. This expansion signals Flock Safety’s unwavering commitment to taking a proactive approach against gun violence.

All audio and visual data captured by the Flock Safety system is owned by the customer. The Raven does not record voices and all other associated audio outside of gunshots are deleted. 

“Utilizing the Flock Safety Raven system can help us to get where we want to be much, much quicker, and gives parents and students peace of mind that, if a shooting does occur, we’ll have a head start,” said Chief Larry Baimbridge, Spring Branch Independent School District Police Department, TX. Spring Branch ISD was the first school district in the country to deploy the Flock Raven solution. 

“The whole Flock Safety system gives us the ability to be proactive. We don’t want to deal with the aftermath of a shooting; we want to stop it,” said Chief Baimbridge.

Flock Safety devices are in use in over 4,000 communities across the country, including on 130 school campuses.

About Flock Safety

Flock Safety is an all-in-one technology solution that helps schools eliminate crime to keep students, teachers and campus safe. Our intelligent platform combines the power of technology to shape a safer future together. Our full-service, maintenance-free technology solution is trusted by more than 3,700 communities across the country to help solve and deter crime in the pursuit of safer communities for everyone. Visit www.flocksafety.com for more info.

  • Introducing Flock Safety Raven for K-12 schools

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