Foothill still working to gain control of hacked Twitter account

LAS VEGAS – Foothill High School has yet to regain control of its Twitter account a day after a hack attack.

The hacker posted several tweets on Tuesday with obscene messages and nudity.

Students at Foothill displayed a range of emotions from laughter to indifference to distaste.

“I haven’t seen anything like this happen. This has been blown out of proportion,” said Brnna Young, Foothill High School sophomore.

Young says the tweets reflect poorly on her school, and one even crossed the line.

The hacker tweeted a nude, super imposed photo of a staff member.

“That was awful. That wasn’t nice to do,” Young said.

Incidents like these aren’t a surprise to Rex-Tech owner Arthur Salmon.

“It’s a matter of a kid with some time, a little bit of effort and that’s what you get,” Salmon said.

As younger generations become more tech savvy, the cyber security consultant says he comes across more hacks at the hands of kids.

“The sad part is all of the tools necessary to do that are free online. You can YouTube how to hack a web page, and the tools are already pre-built out there,” Salmon said.

The hacking was an act some students wouldn’t put past their fellow classmates.

“We have some really smart people that go to this school. People be hacking into their girlfriend’s Snapchat,” said a student who didn’t want to be identified.

In a statement provided by the Clark County School District, officials warned of disciplinary action for students caught retweeting or sharing the tweets.

Investigators with the Clark County School District Police Department are investigating. They say it’s still too early to determine the consequences the hacker or hackers could face.

Salmon says though this comes off as a prank, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“We’re starting to talk about federal crime. There are federal compliances that basically say that’s illegal, it’s actually a felony,” Salmon explained.

Parents and students were pretty shocked to see the tweets were still up on the school’s Twitter account.

While they feel the tweets should be taken down immediately, it doesn’t appear to be an easy feat with a company as big as Twitter.


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