Force Recon – MRF – – BAHRAIN (April 07, 2012) – Marines with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s maritime raid force conduct an enhanced vis…

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16 thoughts on “Force Recon – MRF –

  1. Eli S

    I thought the Marines would at least have a better choice of music…


    I’m in the infantry (army) and there are plenty of ways to confuse and
    disorient without gay ass music such as sim grenades,cs gas, give
    inexperienced soldiers team leader spot,etc…

  3. Thotchu Thot

    This was so unimpressive, sad to say.

  4. comradechristophe

    well with the budget cuts congress has given the marines… besides they
    arent doing force on force training which is where sims really shine. in
    cqb training where normal bullets arent needed (like in mocked up shipping
    containers where normal bullets pass thru) airsoft is more than okay. as
    long as our guy get the training the need while dealing with congresses
    dumb cuts.

  5. Elias Aggen

    They’re training with airsoft weapons… guess the Corps can’t afford
    simunition lol


    These dudes looked confused… Maybe they stop listening to gay ass music
    while they train seriously who does that

  7. Carlos Turner

    They are not using real weapons or ammunition because it is a training
    exercise and the combatives are Marines also. Why would you use live rounds
    against your own men? Budget cuts have nothing to do with it.

  8. John Zowert

    I love training with simmunition, that shit hurts though. Especially when
    you’re shot in close quarters. I took a round of simmunition in the hand
    once from about 10 meters away and it broke my ring and pinky fingers. If
    you’re not wearing kevlar and you get in the chest with one of those
    rounds, it knocks the wind out of you. They’re very accurate up to 120
    meters and have a max range of something like 300 meters. Its the closest
    you can get to the real thing.

  9. 209calikillaify

    Lol I would be like laughing during that hole drill

  10. Carlos Turner

    The music is used to disorient the Marines, not for leisure listening. It
    creates an atmosphere where communication is difficult.

  11. Nebulized Narcosis

    reminds me of 4th grade gym class

  12. dougie quaid

    Well soldier this isnt the army. You worry about your SOPs and we will
    worry about our SOPs, copy?

  13. Thotchu Thot

    I don’t play video games, sorry. What I meant is they looked very confused,
    usually on Youtube I see those really cool, high-speed videos of military
    folks. I didn’t intend to sound like I don’t appreciate what they and those
    like them do for our country. -Castle

  14. Carlos Turner

    I know, it’s nothing like call of duty, so disappointing. This is training,
    this is where you learn what the fuck to do before you actually go into
    those situations. It’s not like T.V. or video games.


    Isn’t force recon you guys special ops looked like a bunch of POGs straight
    out da chow hall