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Ford Recalls Nearly 10,000 Bronco Four-Door SUVs Over Malfunctioning Child Safety Lock | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Four-door Bronco sport utility vehicles produced between November 28, 2023 and December 17, 2023 have been recalled for potentially malfunctioning child safety locks. Ford became aware of this condition at the tail end of last year.

Back on December 21, the Critical Concern Review Group started an investigation over multiple reports from assembly plant workers in regard to non-functional child safety locks on the left-hand rear doors. The first report was filed on December 15.

That day, all four-door Broncos at the Michigan Assembly Plant were inspected as part of a quality audit, with 1.6 percent of them exhibiting the aforementioned problem. This, in turn, prompted the rear door latch module supplier to enhance inspection protocols. However, subsequent investigation determined that said modules were functional prior to installation in the rear doors.

Not long after, the safety boffins at the CCRG determined that FoMoCo introduced a sheet metal fixture improvement on September 13 at the door sheet metal stamping plant. Said improvement caused the location of the latch reinforcement to shift, resulting in an interference that may deflect the latch frame plate and inner release lever.

Further investigation also determined that only left-hand rear doors are potentially affected. The right-hand rear doors have greater clearance between the child lock coupling lever and inner release lever. Prior to informing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about this recall, Ford was aware of zero reports of accident or injury.

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Dealers have already been instructed to inspect and – if necessary – replace the latch at no charge to the owners. Mailed notifications will be sent between April 16 and April 19 via first-class mail. Both 2023 and 2024 models are recalled. The most straightforward way of determining whether your Bronco is affected or not is to enter the 17-character VIN on the automaker’s website. Alternatively, owners can do that on the NHTSA‘s website.

Not to be confused with the unibody Bronco Sport that Ford assembles in Mexico, the body-on-frame Bronco is available in a grand total of nine grades for 2024, beginning with the Big Bend at $39,630 with two doors or $40,370 with four. The Outer Banks, Everglades, and Raptor come with four doors only, which is curious given that the shorter wheelbase of the two-door is better off-road.

As ever, the Raptor remains the most expensive Bronco of the bunch. Priced at $90,035 excluding destination, the 2024 model is – rather shockingly – more than $20,000 pricier than the 2022 model. It’s hard to believe that you could buy one for $68,500 a little over two years ago, and it’s similarly hard to believe that Ford charges that kind of money for a go-anywhere SUV with Ranger underpinnings.

The Bronco Raptor may be Ford’s most capable off-road vehicle for 2024, but alas, it also happens to be hideously overpriced. With the F-150 Raptor starting at $77,980 and the 37-inch tire package adding $11,470 to the tally, why even bother? Also, remember that a Ranger Raptor will set you back $55,470 at the very least.


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