Forensic Computer Agent

Salary $50,238.00 – $82,872.00 Annually                         Location Pitt County, NC Pitt County, NC
Job Type Permanent Full-Time                                            Department Dept of Public Safety

Description of Work

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Serve as a Special Agent for the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) with the expertise to investigate, analyze, and prepare for trial, complex and technical/computer related crimes and evidence.  Primarily investigate crimes such as child pornography, using a computer to solicit a minor to commit unlawful sex acts, communicating threats using the Internet, and other digital crimes.  Identifying suspects and their location using information obtained from IP addresses or other Internet routing information associated with their Internet activities, as well as determining the jurisdiction in which the crime occurred. To assist local, state and federal law enforcement officers in seizing and forensically examining computer systems and digital devices. To analyze computers and mobile devices for the evidence of a crime. The position is also responsible for the analysis of digital evidence and is required to present and defend the results of said analysis as an expert witness in court.  A significant percentage of the agent’s time will be spent working cases involving child pornography and/or crimes against children.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies

A combination of knowledge, experience and specialized training necessary to conduct investigations primarily involving computers, digital devices, and digital communications are covered by a wide spectrum of the North Carolina General Statutes, whether the statutes address the computer, or the crime involves a computer either as a tool used in the commission of the crime, or as a simple repository for evidence related to the crime. These crimes are addressed in the following priorities: Internet crimes against children, violent crimes against people, threats made against public groups, financial crimes, and computer hacking.  Ability to analyze computer information such as email headers to determine what steps to take, and what resources are needed to identify the location and identity of a suspect.  The ability to examine computers and computer media to extract evidence that may be stored, hidden, and/or encrypted.  Working knowledge of hardware and various software programs and operating systems to understand how information is stored on a computer hard drive or other media, as well as how to extract the information for analysis and presentation.  Knowledge of computer networks, and the various network operating systems is very helpful. Understanding how the Internet works, how information is routed from the source to the destination computer, and how to trace the information back to its source.  Must understand what information an ISP can provide, and how the information can be used to identify the location and identity of a suspect.  Knowledge of computers, operating systems, computer networks, and the Internet in order to conduct an effective interview with a suspect who is being evasive in his or her answers.  Well trained and a skillful communicator to deal with educated, successful and sophisticated business owners, ISP administrators, technical support persons, suspects and victims alike.  Working knowledge of computer security, how operating systems record date and time stamps, and how various software applications handle information to fully understand what is reported by a victim, and to determine if a suspect is telling the truth about what happened in a particular case.  Must quickly assess a crime scene to determine what is happening with the computers and/or other digital devices onsite. If the computer is running at the time a search warrant is executed, he/she must evaluate the correct method of seizure to assure the evidence residing in the memory is collected, and the data stored on the hard drive is not destroyed.  Must have the ability to interpret and apply criminal laws of the State of North Carolina, and the United States of America, in computer and computer related investigations.  Must understand the impact the Privacy Protection Act, and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act have on computer crime investigations. Such knowledge is necessary to make arrests, prepare comprehensive and detailed reports, including supporting documents such as email header information, connection logs, and computer audit trails, and link the various documents together in a cohesive package which a prosecutor can follow and present to a jury. Must be able to present effective court testimony and apply the principles, techniques and procedures of modern criminal investigation as it relates to computer crimes.  Knowledge of the characteristics of a wide variety of microcomputer systems, including the characteristics of computer equipment, internal computer processes, operating systems, applications software, utility programs, and magnetic media storage devices.  Knowledge of programming and computer language is helpful.  Ability to evaluate information and to make judgments/decisions.  Strong communication and public-speaking abilities needed for individual interviews or for speaking to large groups of people.  Proven ability to work under stress in emergencies with flexibility to handle pressure coming from multiple sources at one time.  Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.  Strong customer service focus and ability to manage client expectations.  Solid project management skills. Confidence and leadership as a member of a project team.  Strong team-oriented interpersonal skills and ability to effectively interface with a wide variety of people.

A fitness assessment must be successfully completed to enter the polygraph phase of the hiring process. The SBI’s physical fitness test is comprised of the following events:  300 meter sprint, the maximum number of push-ups completed in one (1) minute, the maximum number of sit-ups completed in one (1) minute, and one and a half (1.5) mile run for time. The Cooper Institute scoring system based on gender and age is used to score the results for each event. A passing score is at least 50 percent.

Selected candidates will undergo and must successfully complete a comprehensive background investigation which includes a pre-employment polygraph examination, credit and arrest checks, interviews with associates, personal and business references, verification interviews of employers and neighbors, verification of education achievement, medical examination, urinalysis drug screening and psychological assessment.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and five years of law enforcement experience that included having the power to arrest; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Necessary Special Qualifications: Applicant must graduate from the next available SBI Academy upon hire and meet any other applicable NC state statutory standards for law enforcement officers.  This includes passing a physical fitness assessment prior to employment.

Management Preferences:
North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Certification and/or significant experience in ICAC Task Force investigations.

Supplemental and Contact Information

The N.C. Department of Public Safety (DPS) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages qualified men and women to apply.  DPS uses the Merit-Based Recruitment and Selection Plan to fill positions subject to the State Personnel Act with the most qualified individuals.  Hiring salary will be based on relevant qualifications, internal equity and budgetary considerations pertinent to the advertised position.

  • Online applications are only accepted through
  • To receive credit for all of your work history and credentials, you must list the information on the State of North Carolina application.  Any information omitted cannot be considered for qualifying credit.

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the state application.  Embedded or Attached resumes ARE NOT accepted as a substitution for completed application. 

  • Applicants seeking Veteran’s Preference must attach a DD form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, along with your application. 
  • During the online application process if additional documentation is required, attach the documentation at the bottom of Step 4 in the application process.
  • Degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.
  • If applying for a position certified through the North Carolina Department of Justice-Criminal Justice Standards Division, refer to for specific certification requirements.
  • The N. C. Department of Public Safety must adhere to the United States Department of Justice Final Rule on the “national Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape” under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Standards at 28 C.F.R. Part 115 Docket No. OAG-131 RIN 1105-AB34.  Refer to,002149 for hiring and promotion prohibition requirements for all positions in the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Contact Information:
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If there are any questions specific to this posting, please contact DPS Human Resources at (919)716-3800.


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