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Barry Mainz Discusses Asset Visibility, Security and Risk Management Outside IT

Barry Mainz, CEO, Forescout (Image: Forescout)

A networking-centric approach can improve security management for OT and IoT devices by addressing rising cyber risks more effectively, according to Forescout CEO Barry Mainz.

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A cybersecurity strategy centered around asset visibility, classification and risk assessment helps clients manage vulnerabilities and respond quickly to incidents involving OT and IoT devices, he said. Recent regulatory requirements such as those from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have increased the need for organizations to ensure compliance and minimize risk around OT and IoT devices, Mainz said (see: Forescout Gets 4th CEO Since 2020, Hires Barry Mainz)

“Customers are looking at us to report on their devices, what they are, and then the risk associated with them,” Mainz said. “And if there is a breach, customers want us to tell them what happened and give them a little bit more detail on that. And we can provide that at scale.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Mainz also discussed:

  • The need for a consortium approach to handle OT/IoT vulnerabilities;
  • The SEC’s cyber incident disclosure requirements and how to manage them;
  • How a networking-centric view addresses managed and unmanaged devices.

Prior to becoming Forescout’s CEO in January 2023, Mainz spent nearly four and a half years as Malwarebytes’ chief operating officer, responsible for execution of the go-to-market strategy. Before that, he spent two years as MobileIron’s president and CEO and more than a decade at Intel subsidiary Wind River Systems, culminating in four and a half years as the IoT software firm’s president.


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