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Former B.C. principal gets teaching ban after meeting man posing as underage teen | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

A former principal of a Vancouver Island private school has been banned from teaching for 15 years after sending sexually explicit messages and trying to meet with a person he thought was an underage boy.


Mark Louis Pierotti was head of Aspengrove School in Lantzville, near Nanaimo, when he was busted in a Creep Catchers-style sting last summer.

According to a consent resolution agreement published Tuesday, Pierotti used the dating app Grindr in August 2022 to message a person who had listed his age on the site as 21.

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Pierotti initiated the conservation with “Hello there sexy,” and invited the person over for a drink.

The person told Pierotti he was 15, not 21 — to which Pierotti appeared to express disbelief, repeatedly asking and insisting he was of legal age.

“So. You 21. I just don’t wanna go to prison,” he wrote. “So is it 21. I won’t serve alcohol to anyone under 20.

“Wanna connect and chat then?”

The messages continued the next day when they planned to meet up.

“You like to make out,” wrote Pierotti.

A short while later, he raises the issue of age of consent, saying it’s 16 in B.C. “Just need to know you are 16 or older.”

The person replied he’ll be “16 in like 4 months.”

Pierotti then said: “You know. Better not. You are too young and it’s not legal. So when ur (sic) of age let me know,” but planned to continue to meet with him, saying “I’m on my way we can talk and go from there.”

When they got to the pre-arranged meeting place, the person posing as the teen came up to the window of the car Pierotti was driving, recording him with his phone.

A video of that encounter and screenshots of their online conversations were posted on Facebook group South Island Predator Publishing group.

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On Aug. 27, Aspengrove terminated Pierotti’s employment.

In a message sent to parents and the school community, board chair Iaian McIver said the school became aware of “inappropriate online activity” between Pierotti and a person claiming to be a minor on Aug. 26, which he described as “incredibly troubling.”

McIver said he was not aware of any allegations of inappropriate activity involving students and staff.

Pierotti admitted his conduct was unbecoming and contrary to professional standards set out for educators.

He relinquished his teaching certificate on Sept. 20, and agreed to the 15-year ban, signing the consent resolution agreement in late July from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In the agreement, the commissioner of the Teachers Regulation Branch noted that after being told the person was underage, Pierotti continued to send messages, some with sexual content, and arranged a meeting.

“Pierotti was aware of the age of consent and that sexual activity with a 15-year-old would be criminal in nature,” said commissioner Ana R. Mohammed.

Mohammed said Pierotti’s conduct, which became known after the Facebook posting, undermines public confidence in the education system.

Pierotti signed the agreement

Said his conduct became known after the Facebook posting, and his conduct undermines public confidence in the education system.

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