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Kim Sang Hyuk
, a former member of the group Click B, recently revealed that he had fallen victim to a romance scam, shedding light on his personal experiences.

On January 8 KST, the YouTube channel ‘Namdarimax‘ released a video titled ‘Undefeated in all battles! From romance scams to second-generation plans?‘ In this video, Kim Sang Hyuk was featured as a guest, sharing his personal stories.

During the conversation, Kim Sang Hyuk mentioned that he is currently single and expressed his fondness for children. He spoke warmly about his nephew, recalling how they spent time together when the child was younger. Kim Sang Hyuk reminisced about holding his nephew as a baby, feeling the warmth that was transmitted, and how the child would pat him in the same way. He emphasized the value of time, stating that while he works to earn a living, he considers how he spends his time meaningfully, especially with his family. Kim Sang Hyuk expressed his desire to have children in the future, anticipating the moments he would cherish.

Furthermore, Kim Sang Hyuk revealed that he is someone who easily falls in love. Unfortunately, he disclosed that he had been a victim of a romance scam, a fraudulent scheme where an individual builds a false romantic relationship with someone and then manipulates them into giving money, often claiming it’s for marriage or business purposes.

Kim Sang Hyuk shared his experience, saying, “There were moments when I felt vulnerable, and that happened just last year. Nowadays, I engage in frequent online communication, and I received periodic messages from someone one day. Even though I wasn’t drinking and was solely focusing on exercising, exchanging messages with this person became my pastime.” He explained how their correspondence felt like being pen pals with a foreign friend and how he grew closer to this person without really knowing who they were.

He continued, “The individual mentioned wanting to celebrate my birthday and asked if I used Bitcoin. They promised dividends if I deposited US dollars into a designated wallet address. When they asked me to invest my money, my suspicions were eased, and I ended up depositing 1 million won. As dividends were continually deposited every 6 hours, I eventually lost 20 million won. It could have been a man, or it could have been anyone. I didn’t necessarily love the person; I just wanted to hear kind words from them.”


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