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Former Secret Service agent shares cybersecurity advice – Campus Current | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

A retired secret service agent told students to be aware of hidden threats at an event on Wednesday.

The AACC Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute hosted Micheal Breslin, who worked for the Secret Service for almost 24 years, to speak in the Health and Life Sciences Building lecture hall.

“I chose the topic of cybercrime and financial fraud investigations to the students who are thinking of engaging in a career in law enforcement,” Breslin said. “I was happy to hopefully share some best practices and lessons learned from my previous career and profession of 24 years in the United States Secret Service.”

At the Secret Service, Breslin worked to prevent cybercrime and counterfeiting.

“I chose a career path in law enforcement close to 30 years ago, out of a desire to serve my community,” Breslin said. “Growing up in New York City, I witnessed firsthand the ill effects of crime and criminal activity and never enjoyed seeing people victimized. I chose a career in law enforcement to hopefully give back and serve the greater good.”

First-year undecided student Alex Bahan said the event was “informational” and “eye-opening.”

“I learned … that the Secret Service isn’t just, like, about protecting the president and government officials and tracking Bitcoin,” Bahan said. “But it’s a lot more broad. And there’s a lot of more, like, opportunities that I can go into.”


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