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Fort Worth says it was hacked over stance on gender surgery | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

FORT WORTH, Texas — On Friday, June 23 at around 4 p.m., the City of Fort Worth was notified of an internet post from unknown people who claimed to have hacked the city’s website and gained access to the city’s data.

The post provided links to copies of that data. According to the City of Fort Worth, employees immediately reviewed the information and confirmed that the posted information came from their computer systems. The data in the post originates from a website workers use to manage their maintenance activities. The hackers downloaded file attachments and work orders within the system, including photographs, spreadsheets and invoices.

“The information contained in the amount of info that we’ve been able to go through has not been sensitive in nature, and by and large is information we would release through a Public Information Act request,” said City of Fort Worth IT solutions director Kevin Gunn.

While there is no current indication of sensitive information being leaked, Gunn said all users of the hacked systems have been notified to reset their passwords

There are no indications at this time that any other systems were accessed nor any other evidence of sensitive data was accessed or released.

The group who hacked the website needed to have stolen login credentials in order to have access to the information. It is not known how they got the credentials.

When asked about the motive behind the positing, Gunn said the hackers set out to embarrass the city.

“Their posting alludes to basically embarrassing the City of Fort Worth and making a political statement. It was posted by a group using the handle SiegedSec. It was posted to Telegram and then it was copied and repeated to Twitter,” said Gunn.

The posting stated, “We’ve decided to make a message toward the U.S. government. It just happens to be one of the largest states banning gender-affirming care and for that we’ve made Texas a target.”

At this point, the investigation is still in progress to determine the full extent of the situation. The City of Fort Worth is working with local and federal law enforcement, alongside computer forensics.


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