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Fortnite Twitch streamer slammed for weird jokes about being a ‘predator’ | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Published: 2023-08-21T13:36:40

  ❘   Updated: 2023-08-21T13:36:53

Fortnite Twitch streamer HydraSZN has been called out for his bizarre jokes about being a sexual “predator.”

In an August 20 post, Twitter/X user ‘yoxics’ called on Twitch to take action against Fortnite streamer HydraSZN for jokes about being a “predator.”

Taking a clip from a recent broadcast, the streamer can be heard calling another player a “f*cking r*tard” after taking down an opponent, before being killed just seconds later.

Quickly reacting, the 19-year-old streamer blurted out questionable comments, calling himself a “child predator” and voicing how he “likes kids.”

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“No! I like kids!” he said. “Oh, I swear to god I do, on my life I’m a little child predator.”

In another clip shared, the streamer can also be heard saying he’s going to “f*ck a minor” in a completely different broadcast.

The community reacted by putting the streamer on blast, where according to some they’re “not surprised” by the comments made. “Hydra has always been super weird,” one wrote. “Honestly not surprised he said this.”

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“This guy definitely trying to be edgy for views but he ends up looking like a f*cking weirdo,” said another. “@Twitch please do something this guys a sicko,” a third user hit out.

The original poster has confirmed that they’ve contacted Twitch regarding what they call “child endangerment”, adding that they’ll “take him down” themselves if the platform doesn’t act.

Another pointed out how this isn’t the first time Hydra has come under fire for similar comments. “Didn’t he get exposed for [this sh*t] in the past?” they asked.

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Despite being active on social media, the Twitch streamer is yet to respond or even publicly acknowledge the criticism from the community.

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