Four candidates for CCS Board share their thoughts on school safety at forum – | #schoolsaftey

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — Four candidates running unopposed for the Charlottesville City School Board shared their views on the future of the city’s education system, focusing on school safety and mental health during a forum Wednesday night.

“We do have an increase in violence and it is affecting our children in marginalized communities disproportionally,” said School Board candidate Amanda Burns.

Burns says violence can happen as children get off the bus at the end of the day. She says there needs to be a response team made of Care and Safety Assistants which are trained school security officers.

“To walk children from the bus stops to their homes so that they feel safe and so that they feel seen,” said Burns.

Another candidate, Nicole Richardson, adds on to Burns’ idea.

“Just more police around the school so that the children can feel safe when they are leaving and when they come in,” she said.

Candidates Shymora Cooper and Chris Meyer, along with the other two, agree that having more school counselors is crucial to address the mental health issues that have risen due to the pandemic and other events. They think these issues could be contributing to the increase in violence and other problems in schools.

“Charlottesville High School have over 1,400 kids and two counselors is just not enough. Eventually they are going to get burned out. We need to make sure that our kids have a person to go talk to if they are having a bad day or if something that has happened in the community,” said Cooper.

“Not only helping those kids process things that have happened to them, but also addressing potential reduction of violence in those schools but also outside,” said Meyer.

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