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MALONE — The Franklin County clerk is warning residents to remain vigilant amid an ongoing deed scam.

Clerk Kip Cassavaw is warning homeowners to be on the lookout for mailed letters offering to obtain a certified copy of the homeowner’s deed at costs of over $100.

“I want our residents to know that this is a scam, and they should never have to pay for a certified copy through a mailing of this nature,” Cassavaw said. “Deeds are recorded by my staff and then returned to the party who has recorded them.”

Cassavaw said the fraudulent mailing advises recipients that a deed was recorded by the county clerk and recommends that property owners should have a certified copy of the deed. The mailing also invites homeowners to order a certified copy of their deed by mailing or phoning a form along with their payment.

Cassavaw said the scam also includes a property assessment profile as part of the payment, which he said is available for free by looking at the assessment roll, and is also free information available from the county.

Cassavaw said deeds filed in the county remain valid regardless of whether a certified copy is in the homeowner’s possession.

“A certified copy of your deed can be obtained from my office for approximately $5.” Cassavaw said.

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